Cow elk in Riding Mountain Aspen Parkland, MB (Photo by NCC)

Cow elk in Riding Mountain Aspen Parkland, MB (Photo by NCC)

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  • Grasslands (Photo by NCC)
    As income tax deadline looms, Nature Conservancy of Canada provides ideas on finding savings

    As people receive their T4 slips and other information for their income tax preparation, the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) is giving suggestions on how people can reduce their taxes and find savings. In doing so, they can also leave a legacy for their children and grandchildren or in honour of loved ones.
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  • Cows on the Bob Mickleson Conservation Lands, MB (Photo by NCC)
    Memorial land donation announced in Manitoba

    Legacy gift from the Mickelson family is the latest in important habitat conservation efforts in the Riding Mountain area.
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  • Marjerison Property wetland reclamation project, Manitoba (Photo by NCC)
    World Wetlands Day 2019

    Wetlands are a major conservation priority in Manitoba. The Nature Conservancy of Canada is working to protect key habitats.
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  • Shorebird populations declining

    Shorebirds, some of Canada’s most amazing travellers, are starting their fall migration. Although populations are declining, a number of local, national and international organizations are working together to learn how best to conserve them here in Manitoba.
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  • Birtle Collegiate Students (Photo by A. Wilson)
    Support local conservation on Giving Tuesday

    The Nature Conservancy of Canada invites nature lovers to support wildlife and local land conservation on Giving Tuesday.
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  • Alvar bioblitz participants (Photo by NCC)
    Bioblitz records more than 400 species observations in Manitoba's rare and endangered alvar habitat

    The results of an unprecedented Manitoba species count have been tallied and reveal exciting news for one of the province's rarest ecosystems.
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Atlantic puffins (Photo by Bill Caulfield-Browne)