The Nature Conservancy of Canada's first acquisition in the Manitoba Region was in 1977. Today, we have conserved and protected over 65,000 acres (26,305 hectares) across nine natural areas critical to Manitoba's biodiversity. These areas provide important habitat for thousands of species of plants and animals, many of which are endangered or at risk. Thanks to the generous donations of Manitobans and our partners, we aim to ensure that these special areas, plants and animals continue to be there for generations to come and that Manitoba continues to be a special place. 

Stories from the Field

Cleland Property (Photo by Manitoba Museum)

Cleland Property (Photo by Manitoba Museum)

Pollination is key to prairie conservation

Pollinator research and a better understanding of how plants and insects interact lead to better prairie management. Continue Reading »

Blue Wing Wetlands, MB (NCC Staff)

Blue Wing Wetlands, MB (NCC Staff)

Wetlands are disappearing fast

The following editorial is from the Nature Conservancy of Canada to mark World Wetlands Day, February 2, 2018 Continue Reading »

From Our Blog

Ancient cottonwoods (Photo by Steve Ogle)

Your winter getaway is a lot closer than you may think

February 6, 2018

Who says you can only enjoy nature when the snow has melted? There’s nothing like breathing in the crisp, fresh air on a winter nature hike as you take in the sights and sounds of wildlife around you while braving the cold. I love hearing... Continue Reading »

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