Beaver Creek, Fort Ellice, MB (Photo by Karol Dabbs)

Beaver Creek, Fort Ellice, MB (Photo by Karol Dabbs)

Stories From the Field

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    Give thanks for Canada's nature

    John Lounds, president and CEO of the Nature Conservancy of Canada, provides his thoughts on being thankful.
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  • Restoration of the Tall Grass Prairie Hydrological Landscape

    Members of the Nature Conservancy of Canada, Manitoba Region had the opportunity to work with Dr. Phil Gerla to gain an understanding of the hydrological landscape and better manage the tall grass aspen parkland ecosystem.
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  • Roland Blouin, Fort Ellice, MB (Photo by NCC)
    National Board Meeting held in Manitoba

    The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) hosted its National Board meeting in Brandon, Manitoba. It was an opportunity for representatives from across the country to visit and learn about some exceptional projects located in Western Manitoba.
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  • Birtle Collegiate Students (Photo by A. Wilson)
    Connecting classroom lessons to real-life situations

    Birtle Collegiate students participate in ongoing wildlife monitoring program on NCC's historic Fort Ellice property.
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  • Endangered western prairie white-fringed orchid in the tall grass prairie, MB (Photo by NCC)
    NCC leads the way in conserving the western prairie fringed orchid

    The Nature Conservancy of Canada's Manitoba Region has conserved habitat for more than 50 percent of the western prairie fringed orchid population in Canada...Which is more than 25 percent of the global population.
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  • Tall grass prairie in NCC's Interlake Natural Area. (Photo by Cary Hamel/NCC)
    Memorable 2015 fieldwork moments

    I asked NCC Manitoba’s talented group of field biologists, "What was your most inspiring or challenging fieldwork moment of this past summer?"
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