Stories from the Field

  • Teamwork makes the dream work (Photo by NCC)

    Coming home to NCC

    Former intern Megan Quinn reunites with co-workers at NCC through volunteering.
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  • NCC conservation intern monitoring plant communities (Photo by NCC)

    Kick-start your conservation career by interning

    Learn how an internship at a conservation organization can boost your career.
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  • Team Pedalling for Nature includes Cameron Curran, Aiesha Aggarwal, Dorthea Hangaard and Susan Blayney. (Photo by NCC)

    The call of the Carden

    Cameron Curran joins team Pedalling For Nature on a nature trip across the Carden.
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  • Canada warbler (Photo by Gerald Deboer)

    A summer for the (at-risk) birds

    Laura Achenbach reflects on a summer for the birds.
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  • Catching butterflies on the Rice Lake Plains, ON (Photo by NCC)

    Chasing butterflies on the Rice Lake Plains

    Former NCC intern Cameron Curran joins a group of Conservation Volunteers to catch butterflies on the Rice Lake Plains.
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  • Amy exploring a section of karst forest in Cape Breton, NS (Photo by NCC)

    Sinkholes, cliffs and ravines – oh my!

    Discover the unique landscapes hidden within the forests of Cape Breton, NS.
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  • Playing cards with grandma by the campfire. (Photo courtesy Falkenburger family)

    An ode to nature-loving grandparents

    Intern Kristen Falkenburger pens an ode to her nature-loving grandparents in honour of Grandparents Day.
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  • Sage and Sparrow Conservation Area (Photo by NCC)

    The hills are alive at Sage and Sparrow

    Discover the sights and sounds of BC's Sage and Sparrow.
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  • Hope, the gray ratsnake (Photo by NCC)

    Hope, the gray ratsnake

    Kayla writes of tracking down a gray ratsnake, resulting in her observation of one for the first time in the wild.
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  • Hazel Bird Nature Reserve, ON (Photo by NCC)

    Join the invasion at Hazel Bird

    Intern Colleen Armstrong takes readers into Ontario's Hazel Bird reserve.
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