Stories from the Field

  • Tending a community garden (Photo by Bob Nichols/US Department of Agriculture, Wikimedia commons)

    Something old, something new

    Veshani Sewlall, NCC's summer 2018 communications intern, shares why planting native plants in urban spaces is important for creating habitat...
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  • Work behind the computer can still contribute to on-the-ground conservation. (Photo by NCC)

    Summer at a desk: Why it is more important than you think

    Breanna Silversides, NCC's GIS summer intern in Saskatchewan, explains why her work behind the computer contributes to conservation and helps...
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  • NCC's 2018 Alberta Conservation Interns group shot (Photo by NCC)

    My first month as an intern

    Hannah Schaepsmeyer, NCC's engagement intern in the Alberta region, recalls a fulfilling first month in her internship. From fence removals to...
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  • My nature journal entry on the plant life at Yamnuska Mountain, AB (Photo by Emma Dunlop/NCC)

    Drawing attention: Putting a love for nature on paper

    What is nature journaling? Nature journaling is the recording of observations of nature. The medium can range from drawing, to prose, to...
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  • Sunset at NCC's Bunchberry Meadows, AB. (Photo by NCC)

    Environmental values: the heart of the matter

    Jackie Bastianon, NCC's 2018 communications intern in the Alberta Region, discusses how environmental values develop and what motivations...
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  • Monarch (Photo by Steven Russell Smith)

    Giving back to the next generation

    Elan Marsall, NCC's engagement assistant in Saskatchewan, shares how NCC is partnering with Treaty Four Education Alliance schools to bring...
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  • My dad and me when I was 14 (Photo courtesy of Logan Salm/NCC intern)

    A thank you to a “fun” dad

    Logan Salm, NCC's summer communications intern for the Saskatchewan Region, speaks of the ways his dad inspired him to cultivate a love for...
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  • A black oak engulfed in smoke from the prescribed burn at Hazel Bird Nature Reserve. Black oaks are tolerant of low-intensity fires, allowing them to thrive in tall grass prairie ecosystems. (Photo by NCC)

    Regeneration ablaze on the Rice Lake Plains

    Restoration technician for Central Ontario Chelsea Marcantonio recounts what she witnessed first had at a prescribed burn at Rice Lake Plains.
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  • Cooper's hawk (Photo by Bill Hubick)

    Major League Birding

    NCC communications intern in Saskatchewan shares his passion for birding and determination to participate in the game, even if he is an amateur.
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  • Teamwork makes the dream work (Photo by NCC)

    Coming home to NCC

    Former intern Megan Quinn reunites with co-workers at NCC through volunteering.
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