Stories from the Field

  • Evan Young kayaking (Photo by NCC)

    You don't have to be a scientist

    As an amateur naturalist, I’ve found it’s easy to learn new things; however, it’s much harder to retain everything I learn.
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  • A bird box (Photo by NCC)

    Cozy one-bedroom bird house available for a low price

    This spring, the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) held a Conservation Volunteers event at NCC’s Edenwold property to install bird boxes.
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  • Sheena Briggs (Photo courtesy of Sheena Briggs)

    Where are they now? Intern Alumni Spotlight

    This blog marks the fourth Alumni Spotlight; a series highlighting some of the individuals that have interned with the Nature Conservancy of...
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  • Peregrine falcons (Photo by Evan Young/NCC)

    Close encounters with a peregrine falcon

    Peregrine falcons — a species that has recovered from near extinction — nest at Johnson’s Mills, high in the cliffs of nearby Dorchester Cape,...
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  • Veshani Sewlall at the Conservation Volunteers butterfly count at Carden Alvar, ON (Photo by NCC)

    Reflecting on today for tomorrow: Closing thoughts on my internship at NCC

    With just a few days remaining in my internship, I began to reflect on the past two and a half months serving as the national communications...
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  • MAPS station at Big Valley property, SK (Photo by NCC)

    Science is for the birds

    What is a MAPS station? How does bird banding work? Learn more about the importance of bird banding stations and how the information gathered...
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  • A beach in the Hochelaga Archipelago (Photo by NCC)

    Step into the wilderness with just a 15-minute paddle from the city

    I like to imagine the St. Lawrence islands like treasures situated in the middle of the river; little parcels of paradise that were...
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  • Peregrine falcon  (Photo by Stuart Clarke)

    How animals judge distance

    Animals can jump great distances, dodge predators and catch fast moving prey. How do they do it? They use their binocular vision to judge the...
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  • Shore of the Middle Point Woods property, Pelee Island, Ontario (Photo by Sam Brinker, OMNR)

    You won’t waste your time reading this garbage!

    The harmful effects of garbage on wildlife is a growing problem worldwide. NCC intern Solene Williams tells of the impacts of garbage on...
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  • Josh Noseworthy (Photo courtesy of Josh Noseworthy)

    Where are they now? Conservation Intern alumni spotlight

    This blog marks the third Alumni Spotlight; a series highlighting some of the individuals who have interned with the Nature Conservancy of...
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