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Sophia Yang, 2016 Conservation Intern

Sophia Yang, 2016 Conservation Intern

NCC’s conservation internship program has a long history of providing practical, paid, career-based training for the advancement of college and university students in the field of conservation and environmental studies. In the past decade alone, we have supported close to 500 internships across all 10 provinces, helping us achieve our science, stewardship, communications and engagement goals. Equally important, NCC staff mentor young Canadians, who will become tomorrow's conservation leaders.

NCC’s internship alumni network serves as a platform to actively support interns throughout their internship and onward into their careers. It provides a space where alumni can connect with each other and to future interns.

Connect, reconnect, share 

Are you an alumnus of the program? You can get involved in several ways:

  • Join the network’s group on LinkedIn.
  • Get in touch to be featured on the NCC website (blog, interviews, etc.)
  • Volunteer with us!
  • Provide information and resources to past and current interns.

Contact Micheline Khan at to take the alumni survey and provide us with feedback! It’ll take less than 10 minutes.

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