Technicians survey tree in the field (Photo by NCC)

Technicians survey tree in the field (Photo by NCC)

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Featured research stories are from Land Lines, the Nature Conservancy of Canada blog.

  • A tagged spotted wintergreen plant (Photo by Amy Wiedenfeld/NCC staff)

    Spotting the spotted wintergreen: Research on rare woodland plants in Ontario

    How does a scientist study rare plants? First, you might want to know whether individual patches are growing or shrinking, and how the...
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  • A day in the field at the Long Point Biosphere Reserve (Photo by Amanda Loder)

    When it comes to wetland restoration and maximizing soil carbon storage, location matters

    How quickly can carbon stores be recovered after a wetland is restored? Are protection and/or restoration viable approaches for providing...
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  • A day in the field at the Long Point Biosphere Reserve (Photo by Amanda Loder)

    Marshland in the Long Point Region has a long history — and holds a lot of carbon

    What is the role of wetlands as natural climate solutions? Amanda Loder's research examined carbon storage at freshwater wetlands on the Long...
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  • Field technician Breanne Kenner with a successful catch! (Photo by NCC)

    A day in the life of a field biologist

    Learn about the exciting research being undertaken through the Weston Family Conservation Science Fellowship Program at the Nature Conservancy...
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  • Ever wonder what your cat is thinking? (Photo by Pixabay)

    A glimpse into the lives of outdoor cats

    Ever wonder what your cat is doing and where it's going when it's outside? A University of Guelph researcher sought to find out with...
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  • American restart adult (ASY) male (Photo by NCC)

    Keep calm and count on: Big Valley MAPS station

    Learn about what the Monitoring Avian Productivity and Survivorship (MAPS) station at NCC's Big Valley property accomplished since 2018.
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  • Volunteer capturing data with a smartphone at a NCC BioBlitz event (Photo by Brent Calver)

    Talking data: How community science informs conservation

    What comes to mind when you hear the word data? For many, data conjures ideas of numbers and computers, with scientists performing complex...
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  • Great blue heron with a cityscape in the background (Photo by iStock)

    World Habitat Day 2021: There is no protected habitat too small to benefit biodiversity

    October 4 is World Habitat Day, and it's followed by Urban October, a month that encourages us to reflect on the state of our towns and cities
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