Prince Edward Island

Most places under NCC's care welcome visitors. Please check site-specific pages on this website for access information and any special restrictions.

The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) has been working on Prince Edward Island since 1978. Since that time, we have helped protect over 2,600 hectares of some of the most ecologically significant parts of the Island. PEI is Canada’s most densely populated province, and its remaining areas of intact dunes, salt marsh and Acadian forest are precious. NCC is proud to have helped our partners create 23 protected areas in the province. We also own and care for 10 other nature reserves on PEI. NCC’s nature reserves conserve some of the wildest landscapes on the island and are open for all to enjoy.

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Browse our interactive map of nature reserves located throughout Prince Edward Island and Atlantic Canada. Our nature reserves are managed for the primary purpose of nature conservation, but visitors are welcome to explore many of these sites. Most of our nature reserves are open to pedestrian access on existing paths and during daylight hours. However, many of these lands do not have paths, are undeveloped, and may have hazards present, so care should be taken when visiting.

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Stories from the Field

Beach walk at St. Peters Lake Run Nature Reserve (Photo by Lanna Campbell/NCC staff)

Beach walk at St. Peters Lake Run Nature Reserve (Photo by Lanna Campbell/NCC staff)

The healing power of dunes

Find out how NCC is helping educate the public about the effects of hurricanes on our coastal landscapes. Continue Reading »

Upper Ohio, NS (Photo by Mike Dembeck)

Upper Ohio, NS (Photo by Mike Dembeck)

Be thankful for nature, and nature will thank you

Every October, Atlantic Canadians are treated to a natural phenomenon, as our landscapes transform into a vivid wash of vibrant oranges, yellows and reds. At NCC we are thankful for Atlantic Canada’s diverse habitats, which provide us with important ecosystem services. Continue Reading »

From Our Blog

Blooming Point Nature Reserve, PEI (Photo by Mike Dembeck)

Blooming Point Nature Reserve, PEI (Photo by Mike Dembeck)

Prince Edward Island: A bird’s-eye view

May 11, 2024

A popular destination for both people and birds, Prince Edward Island is a natural treasure in Atlantic Canada. The small island (5,620 km2) is one of the most densely populated provinces in the country. The island holds historical and natural... Continue Reading »

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