Paddling to Boughton Island, PEI (Photo by NCC)

Paddling to Boughton Island, PEI (Photo by NCC)

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Conservation Volunteer event, Boughton Island, Prince Edward Island (Photo by NCC)

Conservation Volunteer event, Boughton Island, Prince Edward Island (Photo by NCC)

There are many ways to get involved and help support our conservation work in Prince Edward Island.

Volunteers play a vital part in furthering the work of the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) in Atlantic Canada. They bring a unique perspective, a variety of skills and unmatched enthusiasm to protect the region’s ecological integrity. They take part in the management of natural areas and monitor species on our properties. Volunteers may also report issues, such as illegal wood harvesting or vandalism, and keep a watchful eye on our nature preserves.

Conservation Volunteers program

NCC's Conservation Volunteers program engages people in the protection of Canada's biodiversity. The program provides meaningful, hands-on experience in ecologically significant natural areas. Our events are carefully designed to ensure your volunteer time is dedicated to important conservation action.

The Conservation Volunteers program offers opportunities to join staff on projects that contribute to the long-term stewardship of ecologically significant properties owned and managed by NCC and its partners, right across Canada.

More information on Conservation Volunteers opportunities in PEI >

To speak to the Conservation Volunteers coordinator in NCC's Atlantic Region please contact Claire Ferguson at 506.300.5726.

Stewardship committees

Volunteers may be recruited to form local stewardship committees. These committees are vital to the up-keep of our nature preserves. They provide valuable input on future management decisions.


Volunteers help in monitoring plant and animal species in our nature preserves. Amateur and professional botanists and birders provide important information on the status of rare and endangered species.


Volunteers may also take part in the physical maintenance of the property, help put up signs to outline the property’s boundary lines or clear walking trails.

For more information on volunteering, please contact:

1-877-231-4400 | 1-877-231-4400

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