Protected land in Saint-Hippolyte (Photo by CRPF)

Protected land in Saint-Hippolyte (Photo by CRPF)


Alfred-Kelly Nature Reserve

Birds of prey nesting site (trail)

Alfred-Kelly Nature Reserve, QC (Photo by NCC)

Alfred-Kelly Nature Reserve, QC (Photo by NCC)

Come visit this five-square-kilometre area and discover the spectacular landscape once explored by Alfred Kelly, a renowned ornithologist who donated the first protected site in the area in 1983. This site features a wide variety of habitats, from steep rock walls to streams, ponds and forests. More than 80 per cent of Quebec’s birds of prey species have been identified on this site. While walking along the 15-kilometre trail, you may even spot the peregrine falcon that is nesting on the cliffs!

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Help us protect Alfred-Kelly Nature Reserve’s nature

As a guest of this exceptional site, your cooperation is essential to ensuring its protection and long-term maintenance. We rely on your cooperation to always follow the trails that are marked on the official map installed at the entrance.

Pets are strictly forbidden on the reserve, as their presence can disrupt sensitive habitats and pose undue stress to wildlife in the area.

Bicycles and motorized vehicles are strictly forbidden on the reserve. The trails were not designed for mountain bike or motorized vehicle use. Due to the potential environmental impact and safety concerns associated with these activities, they are strictly forbidden on the reserve. Due to the fragility of this territory and its ecological importance, we must act carefully. Hunting, camping, trapping, fruit and flower picking and other activities are therefore forbidden.

Permitted and prohibited uses at the Alfred-Kelly Nature Reserve

A map of the area, which is displayed at each of the access points, can also be downloaded here.

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