Flathead River Valley, BC (Photo by NCC)

Flathead River Valley, BC (Photo by NCC)

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NCC will double our impact over the next decade to address the dual crises of climate change and habitat loss. This includes protecting natural spaces and developing innovative models to finance conservation. In 2022, TD renewed their commitment to NCC for an additional three years. The support for Climate Smart Solutions for a Resilient Future will help accelerate NCC’s conservation efforts by harnessing the nature-based solutions associated with conservation through the development of a pan-Canadian restoration strategy and investible carbon offset projects.

As more corporations adopt net-zero targets, the demand for nature-based carbon offsets to meet these commitments is increasing, given the enormous co-benefits that come along with these types of projects. Co-benefits of a carbon project are the conservation benefits gleaned from the land that aren't directly carbon storage and sequestration, such as habitat connectivity, biodiversity, community access and cleaner water. NCC's carbon projects provide incentive for a wider pool of private capital to flow into NCC's portfolio of conservation projects.

TD's support has been fundamental in NCC's work to identify and pursue innovative carbon projects, including one on Boreal Wildlands, Canada's largest private conservation project to date. Through this program, NCC has been able to develop long-term, sustainable funding for conservation across Canada.

Together, TD and TD Friends of the Environment Foundation have supported NCC for over 30 years. Through The TD Ready Commitment, TD aspires to use its business, philanthropy and people to help elevate the quality of the environment, so that people and economies may thrive. This is part of its commitment to help create a more inclusive and sustainable tomorrow.

To learn more about TD’s commitment, visit td.com/vibrantplanet.

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