Fort William, QC (Photo by Claude Duchaîne)

Fort William, QC (Photo by Claude Duchaîne)

Stories From the Field

  • Northern pitcher plant, Lac-à-la-Tortue bog (Photo by Martin Beaulieu)
    In the depths of the Lac-à-la-Tortue bog

    Peatlands are wetlands composed of plant residues accumulated over the centuries. Although they are widespread in the Quebec landscape, they remain unknown to a large part of the population. Yet they provide us with many essential ecological services and are valuable allies in the fight against climate change through their role in carbon capture.
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  • Common gartersnake (Photo by Hugo Tremblay-CERFO)
    A cozy nest for common gartersnake

    The transformation of natural environments has an impact on the needs of species. Gartersnakes that have taken up residence on agricultural land, for example, may need a little help to get through the winter. This is where NCC comes in.
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  • Blanding's Turtle (Photo by NCC)
    The challenge of beaver dams in Blanding's turtle habitat

    While some people consider them adorable, beavers can cause serious headaches for landowners and municipalities that have to deal with dams on their property. NCC has come to their rescue with a series of awareness workshops, helping to ensure the survival of the Blanding's turtle.
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  • Green Mountains, Sutton area (Photo by Guillaume Simoneau)
    Nature and me: Cultivating the relationship

    For many of us, our relationship with nature is no longer what it used to be. How does this affect our quality of life? How can we reconcile modernity and nature? Experts explored these questions at an event organized in Montreal by the Nature Conservancy of Canada.
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  • Calico pennant (Photo by OFNC)
    Volunteers document biodiversity in Kenauk - Saumon (Kinonge) river valley

    The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) is currently conducting an inventory of flora and fauna and their habitats in Kenauk, to document the rich biodiversity of this landmark area. Located in the Outaouais region, this exceptional territory extends over close to 16 kilometres from west to east and nearly 21 kilometres from south to north. NCC is thankful for to have the generous support of local botanists, zoologists and ecologists to carry out this important work!
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  • Blanding's turtle (Photo by Simon Pelletier)
    Episode Seven: Why the Turtle Crossed the Road

    This is the story of how people in Quebec are trying to save turtles – one cell phone photo at a time.
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