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Manulife Investment Management is proud to partner with the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) through its investment in the Conservation Technology Project. NCC’s Conservation Technology Project increases NCC’s (and others’) capacity to accelerate the pace of conservation, by harnessing technology to play a key role in supporting conservation decision-making through a data-driven approach. Manulife Investment Management is on a mission to have decisions made easier and lives made better, which includes accelerating a sustainable future to protect the planet we all share. Its investment in the Conservation Technology Project will greatly improve NCC's conservation planning and outputs, allowing NCC to do more conservation, faster and better. The tools will also be open-source, to support conservation decision-making and impact from other organizations.

Together, Manulife Investment Management and NCC are propelling conservation forward by leveraging technology and innovative strategies, to address the conservation challenges we face in safeguarding our natural legacy for generations to come.

Manulife Investment Management believes that when nature thrives, we thrive. The company is proud to support NCC as it seeks innovative ways to protect the natural areas across Canada and the species that rely on them before it's too late.

As part of its mission to make decisions easier and lives better, Manulife Investment Management believes investing in natural capital and nature-based solutions is key to addressing global sustainability challenges such as climate change, nature loss and rising inequality. As the world’s largest manager of natural capital, the company has a front-row seat to the devastating impact of biodiversity and nature loss. It understands the powerful links between nature loss and poor environmental, economic and human health outcomes, and it is committed to continuing to scale its investments in natural capital by providing nature-based solutions to help address these global challenges.

Visit Manulife's Impact Agenda for more information.

Click here for more information on corporate partnership opportunities at NCC or contact corporate.giving@natureconservancy.ca.

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