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Vermilion Energy's recent donation to the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) marks a significant milestone in its commitment to conservation. By supporting critical stewardship and restoration projects on NCC properties near Calgary and Drayton Valley, Vermilion Energy is playing a vital role in protecting and enhancing the natural habitats in these ecologically important regions. Its investment will contribute to activities such as planting native vegetation, controlling invasive species, conducting wildlife surveys and organizing cleanups, ensuring the long-term care and functionality of these properties.

With less than 10 per cent of the aspen parkland ecosystem remaining intact in Alberta, the region surrounding
Drayton Valley faces significant threats. Likewise, the Bow River natural area near Calgary, with its diverse grassland and forested areas, requires restoration efforts to ensure habitat connectivity and continued conservation.

Corporate partners like Vermilion Energy play a crucial role in enabling conservation work. The projects undertaken by NCC require substantial resources and expertise, and the support from companies like Vermilion Energy helps bridge the funding gap and accelerates the progress of vital stewardship and restoration initiatives.

Vermilion's commitment to NCC extends beyond its recent donation, reflecting its ongoing dedication to conservation. By providing funds for stewardship projects and engaging in volunteer efforts such as trail clearing and maintenance, Vermilion Energy actively contributes to the protection and enhancement of NCC properties. With NCC's properties being stewarded in perpetuity, the support from Vermilion Energy and other corporate donors ensures the continued conservation value of these lands, benefiting both the environment and the communities that rely on them.

Thanks to the support of dedicated corporate partners like Vermilion Energy, we can deliver bold conservation achievements for nature and for people, forever.

If your organization is interested in partnering with NCC, please contact us: corporate.giving@natureconservancy.ca.

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