The Enbridge Fueling Futures program supports initiatives that contribute to a sustainable future by helping to improve, grow and nurture the environment.

As a long-time partner of the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC), Enbridge has been providing valuable conservation funding since 2006. Thanks to a Fueling Futures donation in 2022, Enbridge is supporting two significant projects in Alberta: Keep the Beaver Hills Wild and The Yarrow.

Keep the Beaver Hills Wild

This campaign focuses conservation efforts on the most at-risk parts of the 1,572-square-kilometre expanse located east of Alberta’s capital, Edmonton. Some of the area is already protected as provincial and national parks; others are privately owned.

More than 150 species of waterfowl stop over every year in the boreal wetlands region, and given those numbers, Beaver Hills has rightly earned the honour of being Canada’s first established bird sanctuary, as well as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve designation.

Enbridge’s investment will support emerging conservation opportunities in the Beaver Hills by expanding conserved areas near existing park lands, adding vital buffer zones for wildlife, and increasing opportunities for people to connect with nature. Its donation also leveraged a three-to-one match from the U.S. North American Wetlands Conservation Act (NAWCA).

The Yarrow

This beautiful and varied landscape in southern Alberta provides habitat for hundreds of species and contributes to our planet’s air, water and food security. This property boasts over 1,650 hectares of rolling plains and foothills, creating a biodiversity-rich habitat. In fact, with over 100 wildlife species, 27 of which are provincially or federally designated as at-risk, The Yarrow is the most biologically diverse project NCC has ever had the opportunity to conserve.

Enbridge’s investment in The Yarrow property will support the securement of this landscape, adding to the more than 100 square kilometres around the Waterton Park Front that has already been conserved by NCC.

Thanks to the support of dedicated corporate partners like Enbridge, we can deliver bold conservation achievements for nature and for people, forever.

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