Nature's Fare Markets

Nature's Fare Markets

Since 1993, family-owned and run Nature’s Fare Markets has followed one simple goal that has had profound implications: build a place for people who love healthy organic food.

In the more than 25 years since beginning to follow that goal, the amazing customers, friends, farmers and other partners of Nature’s Fare Markets have created a real community — together. That community and the original goal have now spread to seven cities across British Columbia, offering a welcome place to buy the healthiest natural and organic foods, a location to meet new friends, and an opportunity to build a better world together.

Part of the Nature’s Fare Markets approach to building a better world is through its commitment to core sustainability. That commitment comes through in their product sourcing, packaging choices and industry certifications. It also finds expression in their support for organizations that are also building a better world.

The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) is one of those organizations. NCC benefits from the Save-A-Bag program, which encourages customers to forego a bag, or to bring a reusable one. When they do, Nature’s Fare Markets donates five cents per bag to NCC. You’d be surprised how quickly those nickels add up to provide significant help in NCC’s efforts to build a better world.

We are very proud to partner with Nature’s Fare Markets, and we are grateful for the support they provide to help advance our land conservation work in British Columbia.

If your organization is interested in partnering with NCC, please contact us:

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