Stories from the Field

  • Elk at Lockerby, AB (Photo by NCC)

    Adventures in elk country: Exploring conservation, wildlife and nature

    Learn about the significance of seeing elk in a natural area and why this keystone species is an important indicator of ecosystem health.
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  • Sanderlings (Photo by Jason bantle)

    Sanderlings flock to Mackie Ranch

    Sanderlings are one of the many shorebirds that visit Mackie Ranch, an NCC property located along the eastern shoreline of Chaplin Lake,...
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  • Hiking on the ridge to check on biocontrol releases (Photo by NCC)

    Weeding out trouble: A summer as an invasive species sleuth

    Waterton and Castle Crowsnest Natural Area remarkable area is known for its diverse landscapes and habitats. Here, NCC staff and interns...
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  • Purple loosestrife at Beaver Meadow wetland, ON. (Photo by Jen Arbeider/NCC staff)

    The swamp’s unlikely hero: a beetle

    Learn about how NCC is taking on invasive purple loosestrife, a menace to biodiversity in Ontario, with the help of European leaf-eating...
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  • Kayla, Olivia and Jen caging a black ash tree (Photo by Julia Ball/NCC)

    Black ash, beetles and beavers

    Black ash, the eastern North American native arboreal treasure, dances on the verge of extinction. Hear the story of three Nature Conservancy...
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  • Prescribed burn at Upper Big Creek Block of Norfolk County, ON (Photo by NCC)

    A blazing start: Restoring habitat with a prescribed burn

    How is burning a form of restoration and how does it work? Prescribed burns are typically done in the early spring and late fall by...
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  • Hare-footed locoweed (Photo by Kayleigh Weaver/NCC staff)

    How I spent my summer helping conserve species at risk in the Prairies

    What species at risk can you find in southern Alberta? With sharp eyes and patience, Nature Conservancy of Canada's intern contributed to...
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  • Lake Huron, ON, one of the places where I go in nature for reflection (Photo by Rebecca Samuel/NCC staff)

    Embracing Indigenous wisdom: My journey as a newcomer in Canada

    Rebecca Samuel reflects what true Reconciliation means ahead of National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. Words alone cannot bring about the...
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  • Northern leopard frog (Photo by Sean Feagan/NCC staff)

    Cave Pasture: A hoppy haven

    Cave Pasture is adjacent to the city of Swift Current, and features 286 hectares of grasslands, wetlands and riparian areas, providing habitat...
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  • The view of the southern pond at Graham property (Photo by Alice Xiao/NCC staff)

    What five months in a cabin taught me about conservation

    Reflections from an NCC conservation technician about living close to where she's making a positive impact on nature. And she encourages...
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