Stories from the Field

  • Allery Safruk and Mena Wallace, volunteer conservation interns and CCC participants, conducting invasive species control. (Photo by NCC)

    Connecting to conservation

    The Nature Conservancy of Canada is one of many partner organizations holding 12-week placements for Canadian Conservation Corps participants.
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  • Selfie of Logan and Breanna hiking in Waterton National Park, AB (Photo courtesy of Breanna Silversides)

    When tiny things make your heart sing

    A former Nature Conservancy of Canada intern reflects on how little things grow into something greater. Saplings grow into trees, flowers grow...
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  • A field of tall grasses in Backus Woods. This area was where controlled burns were conducted in the previous year. (Photo by NCC)

    Getting my feet wet as a conservation intern

    What kind of work might you do with an environmental science degree? This conservation technician who had been through NCC's Conservation...
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  • Bison at Old Man on His Back Prairie and Heritage Conservation Area (Photo by Jason Bantle)

    Wallowing: More than scratching an itch for plains bison

    One summer day out at Old Man on His Back, NCC staff and an intern had the fortune of watching a 900-kilogram bison roll around in the dirt....
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  • Oleander aphids (Photo by cory_silas_sheffield, CC BY-NC 4.0)

    The ants that herd aphids

    Did you know that some species of ants develop a mutually beneficial relationship with aphids? Ants protect the aphids from predators and, in...
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  • Forest canopy in Backus Woods, ON (Photo by Neil Ever Osborne)

    Learning new things in familiar places

    Find out what Brock Hussey, a returning NCC conservation intern, learned during this field season and the rehabilitated habitat that he...
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  • Big Valley planting site (Photo by NCC)

    Three takeaways from a communications internship in conservation

    Tyler Schroeder recaps his summer as a communications intern with NCC's Saskatchewan Region.
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  • Mouse-ear hawkweed flower (Photo by mhalsted, CC BY-NC 4.0)

    Mouse-ear hawkweed: Friend or foe?

    A recurring question about invasive species management: when do we intervene and when do we let nature run its natural course? NCC summer...
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  • NCC intern and volunteers conducting a tree survey at Upper North Saskatchewan River Basin (Photo by NCC)

    Going paperless: Introducing a new data collection tool

    NCC's Saskatchewan Region is converting the old paper-based health assessment sheets into a data collection survey for mobile devices.
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  • Western bergamot (Photo by NCC)

    Grasslands, close-up

    The magic of Saskatchewan's prairie grasslands might just reveal themselves when you zoom in.
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