Stories from the Field

  • My nature journal entry on the plant life at Yamnuska Mountain, AB (Photo by Emma Dunlop/NCC)

    Drawing attention: Putting a love for nature on paper

    What is nature journaling? Nature journaling is the recording of observations of nature. The medium can range from drawing, to prose, to...
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  • Autumn olive (Photo by James H. Miller)

    Interns and olives

    Autumn olive is a small tree or shrub. This tree was planted throughout North America in the 1960 and 1970s by municipal land managers who...
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  • CCC participants cutting invasive phragmites stems (Photo by NCC)

    Calling in the corps — the Canadian Conservation Corps

    Nature Conservancy of Canada’s Ontario Region embarked on a new partnership with Canadian Wildlife Federation to provide youths with...
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  • A fallen tree can be home to mushrooms (Photo by NCC)

    The big picture

    Conservation can look messy and hard to get your head around, but everything is always worth its while in the long run.
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  • Picture of me as an intern in Alberta, rolling barbed wire at a Conservation Volunteers event (Photo by NCC)

    Internships to remember

    Leanne Mitchell's internships with the Nature Conservancy of Canada is opening a new chapter to her career in conservation.
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  • Rice Lake Plains, ON (Photo by NCC)

    A field season in the Rice Lake Plains that was far from plain

    The joys of helping to manage over 800 hectares (about 2,000 acres) of land in central Ontario east.
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  • Forest canopy in Backus Woods (Photo by Neil Ever Osborne)

    A throwback to working in Backus Woods

    I had the pleasure of working for the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) for the summer of 2019 as a conservation technician out of the...
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  • Backpack Essentials (Image by NCC)

    Backpack Essentials: Don’t let the ticks bite!

    Feeling itchy? Read this blog post to make sure it’s not a tick bite!
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  • Hauling out invasive phragmites that were removed on an NCC property. (Photo by NCC)

    Life in Ontario's deep south

    Learn about the unique species and diverse landscapes on Ontario's southernmost inhabited island - Pelee Island - from NCC's conservation...
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  • NCC Conservation Biologist Allison Patrick on a couch in the Long Marsh. (Photo by NCC)

    A Christmas wish…in a salt marsh, in May

    Discover how a special piece of trash went full circle back to its owner.
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