Stories from the Field

  • My grandfather's canoe, his pride and joy. Our neighbours out for a paddle in the canoe (Photo courtesy of Asha Swann/NCC intern)

    Remembering his cedar canoe

    Grandparents often impart their values and passions on the younger generation. This is a story of Asha Swann's grandfather's cedar canoe and...
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  • Gillies Grove trail (Photo by Asha Swann/NCC intern)

    My three months as NCC's national communications intern

    Asha Swann is NCC's summer 2021 national communications intern. Read about her experiences.
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  • Woodburnings of some my favourite species on Pelee Island: the eastern banded tigersnail, broad-banded forestsnail, and striped whitelip. These snails are all nationally endangered and threatened by a range of factors including climate change, habitat loss and competition from introduced snails and slugs. (Photo by Hashveenah Manoharan/NCC intern)

    Cockroaches and colours: Exercises in attention on Pelee Island

    In an era where attention span can last only as long as it takes for a webpage to load, art is a great way to to develop the muscle of attention.
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  • The 2021 eastern Ontario team at Elbow Lake, ON (Photo by NCC)

    A thank you letter to the young professionals of conservation

    Why there is exceptional value to hiring youth in the conservation field and the satisfaction in watching young professionals grow and learn.
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  • A particularly exposed section of the Camden East Alvar, an NCC property just west of Kingston, Ontario. (Photo by NCC)

    The fossils of Camden East Alvar

    What is now the bedrock of much of southern Ontario was once the floor of an ancient sea, home to the ancestors of many of the species we see...
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  • Volunteers and staff prior to planting (Photo by NCC)

    Volunteers make Big Valley flourish

    Conservation Volunteers and NCC staff planted over 500 wildflower plugs at Qu’Appelle River Valley in Saskatchewan in July 2021.
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  • Cain's Mountain (Photo by Mike Dembeck)

    A week away: Cape Breton Island

    Between baseline inventory work and sunset yoga, NCC interns knows how to work hard and have a little fun at the end of the day.
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  • Samantha Stegen at Prospect, NS (Photo by NCC)

    Introduction to NCC and field work

    A sneak peek into the life of an NCC conservation intern. Biggest takeaway from Samantha's previous field work experience is lead with safety,...
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  • Restored wetland, Pelee Island, ON (Photo by NCC)

    UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration: 5 ways NCC volunteers are contributing

    1. Cleaning polluted shorelines 2. Getting rid of invasive species 3. Tree planting 4. Removing barriers to wildlife movement 5. Restoring a...
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  • Trembling aspen at Asquith property, SK (Photo by NCC)

    The essential Asquith aspens

    Trembling aspens get their name from the flattened stem of their sprouted leaves, which shake in even the gentlest of breezes.
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