Stories from the Field

  • Bison at Old Man on His Back Prairie and Heritage Conservation Area (Photo by Jason Bantle)

    Wallowing: More than scratching an itch for plains bison

    One summer day out at Old Man on His Back, NCC staff and an intern had the fortune of watching a 900-kilogram bison roll around in the dirt....
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  • Oleander aphids (Photo by cory_silas_sheffield, CC BY-NC 4.0)

    The ants that herd aphids

    Did you know that some species of ants develop a mutually beneficial relationship with aphids? Ants protect the aphids from predators and, in...
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  • Forest canopy in Backus Woods, ON (Photo by Neil Ever Osborne)

    Learning new things in familiar places

    Find out what Brock Hussey, a returning NCC conservation intern, learned during this field season and the rehabilitated habitat that he...
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  • Big Valley planting site (Photo by NCC)

    Three takeaways from a communications internship in conservation

    Tyler Schroeder recaps his summer as a communications intern with NCC's Saskatchewan Region.
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  • Mouse-ear hawkweed flower (Photo by mhalsted, CC BY-NC 4.0)

    Mouse-ear hawkweed: Friend or foe?

    A recurring question about invasive species management: when do we intervene and when do we let nature run its natural course? NCC summer...
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  • NCC intern and volunteers conducting a tree survey at Upper North Saskatchewan River Basin (Photo by NCC)

    Going paperless: Introducing a new data collection tool

    NCC's Saskatchewan Region is converting the old paper-based health assessment sheets into a data collection survey for mobile devices.
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  • Western bergamot (Photo by NCC)

    Grasslands, close-up

    The magic of Saskatchewan's prairie grasslands might just reveal themselves when you zoom in.
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  • My grandfather's canoe, his pride and joy. Our neighbours out for a paddle in the canoe (Photo courtesy of Asha Swann/NCC intern)

    Remembering his cedar canoe

    Grandparents often impart their values and passions on the younger generation. This is a story of Asha Swann's grandfather's cedar canoe and...
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  • Gillies Grove trail (Photo by Asha Swann/NCC intern)

    My three months as NCC's national communications intern

    Asha Swann is NCC's summer 2021 national communications intern. Read about her experiences.
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  • Woodburnings of some my favourite species on Pelee Island: the eastern banded tigersnail, broad-banded forestsnail, and striped whitelip. These snails are all nationally endangered and threatened by a range of factors including climate change, habitat loss and competition from introduced snails and slugs. (Photo by Hashveenah Manoharan/NCC intern)

    Cockroaches and colours: Exercises in attention on Pelee Island

    In an era where attention span can last only as long as it takes for a webpage to load, art is a great way to to develop the muscle of attention.
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