Yellow trout-lily (Photo by Jean Isaacs)

Yellow trout-lily (Photo by Jean Isaacs)

Nature Legacy Society

The Nature Legacy Society is a group of over 2000 thoughtful and engaged individuals who have planned a gift in their Will to the Nature Conservancy of Canada.  Nature Legacy Society members share a vision for the future where habitats and wildlife are protected for the long term. It is because of this future support that NCC can make bold, informed, and ambitious plans for conservation achievements in Canada for many years to come.

It would be our pleasure to welcome you into the Nature Legacy Society. If you have left a gift in your Will to NCC, please let us know. Informing us of your gift not only provides us with the opportunity to thank you but allows us to discuss your vision and what you wish to accomplish.

Nature Legacy Society members receive:

  • Invitations to special events and property tours
  • NCC yearly calendar
  • NCC quarterly magazine
  • NCC tote bag

If you have any questions or wish to have a confidential discussion about your gift, please contact Jackie Mersereau at jackie.mersereau@natureconservancy.ca 1-877-231-3552 x 2275


Nature Legacy Society Recognition List

Nature Legacy Society Recognition List

Prothonotary warbler (Photo by Bill Hubick)

Thank You to the Nature Legacy Society



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