Jackson Pipestone Prairie project. Photo by Doug Derksen.

Jackson Pipestone Prairie project. Photo by Doug Derksen.

Jackson Pipestone Prairie and Wetlands

Juvenile burrowing owls (Photo by Lauren Meads)

Juvenile burrowing owls (Photo by Lauren Meads)

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The Jackson Pipestone Prairie and Wetlands project consists of 518 hectares across the Broomhill Prairie and Oak-Plum Lakes Important Bird Area properties, and is a key securement opportunity to support grassland conservation in Manitoba. This project is considered a priority because of its intact mixed-grass prairie, wetlands and large size. In light of ongoing local habitat fragmentation and land conversion, the conservation of this project is critically important. 

These properties are located in the West Souris Mixed-grass Prairie and Oak Lake Sandhills and Wetlands Natural Areas, which include some of the last landscape-scale mixed-grass prairie in Manitoba. This project represents a rare opportunity to protect not only provincially rare native mixed-grass prairie, but also an area with an especially high density of species at risk. The securement of these properties will ensure the sustainability of their grassland and wetland habitats, and the species that depend on them.

With your support, we can protect this remarkable place. The securement of this project is happening in the context of a large regenerative agricultural property sale, which offers an opportunity to secure the future of wildlife in the area. By protecting habitat in this important part of the province, we can retain some of the landscape connectivity that is so important for local migratory species.

The Broomhill Prairie is only a portion a large regenerative agriculture operation that is being sold and stands as one of the last bastions of native mixed-grass prairie in the natural area. The Nature Conservancy of Canada's (NCC's) purchasing of these lands will support the local livestock industry by providing lands for producers to graze into the future.

The project also supports an exceptional number of at-risk species. Bird observations on the property include Baird’s sparrow, savannah sparrow, Sprague’s pipit, ferruginous hawk, chestnut-collared longspur, prairie loggerhead shrike, burrowing owl, bobolink and barn swallow. The project also represents one of the largest concentrations of sharp-tailed grouse leks in the province. 

Threatened in Manitoba, mule deer also roam the property throughout the year, using the creek beds as bedding cover and travel corridors.

Quick facts

Mule deer (Photo by Henry/Flickr-cc)

Mule deer (Photo by Henry/Flickr-cc)

Location: Mixed-grass Prairie and the Oak Lake Sandhills and Wetlands natural areas
Size: 518 hectares
Habitat: Native mixed grass prairie, Stoney Creek riparian area, wetlands
Closest town: Broomhill & Pipestone, MB
Total fundraising goal: $1.985 million
Remaining to be raised: $600,000
Species: Sprague’s pipit, great plains toad, Baird’s sparrow, savannah sparrow, ferruginous hawk, chestnut-collared longspur, prairie loggerhead shrike, burrowing owl, bobolink, barn swallow

When nature thrives, we thrive

Not only do these natural areas provide ecological benefits, but they also provide an essential tool for health promotion and well-being.

Evidence shows that spending time in nature grows environmental stewards. Adults who care for nature most often attribute this to time spent in nature as a child.

In a time when habitat loss, climate change and species extinction threaten our landscapes, connecting to nature is now, more than ever, important.

By protecting nature, you’re also protecting the benefits that it provides to people.

Please join us and support the Nature Conservancy of Canada’s grassland conservation initiative to conserve projects like Jackson Pipestone Prairie and Wetlands. This is your chance to be a part of the conservation of this important place, a place that provides a connection to the land for today, and for tomorrow.

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Donations may be pledged over time and made by cash, credit card, cheque, or securities transfer. All or a portion of your gift may be committed to our provincial stewardship endowment fund, which helps to ensure the long-term care and management of NCC’s properties in Manitoba. Up to 20% of your gift may support activities that advance NCC’s mission in Manitoba. In the event that this project becomes fully funded, your gift will be directed to NCC’s next urgent priority in Manitoba.

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