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The Nature Conservancy of Canada's first acquisition in the Manitoba Region was in 1977. Today, we have conserved and protected over 71,161 hectares (175,843 acres) across nine natural areas critical to Manitoba's biodiversity. These areas provide important habitat for thousands of species of plants and animals, many of which are endangered or at risk. Thanks to the generous donations of Manitobans and our partners, we aim to ensure that these special areas, plants and animals continue to be there for generations to come and that Manitoba continues to be a special place. 

Stories from the Field

Cow elk, Riding Mountain Aspen Parkland, Manitoba (Photo by NCC)

Cow elk, Riding Mountain Aspen Parkland, Manitoba (Photo by NCC)

Wildlife-friendly fencing for the win

Discover the benefits of wildlife-friendly fencing. Continue Reading »

Monarch (Photo by NCC)

Monarch (Photo by NCC)

Manitoba's 2020 Gratitude Report

There is still plenty to be grateful for in 2020. Check out what the Manitoba Region was able to accomplish! Continue Reading »

From Our Blog

Misty Darkwoods forest, BC (Photo by Bruce Kirkby)

Misty Darkwoods forest, BC (Photo by Bruce Kirkby)

Conservation finance: Making nature investable

May 4, 2021

While nature is incredibly valuable, protecting it has not been all that profitable. Nature conservation, as a result, has been chronically underfunded. Investments in conservation to date have been disproportionately funded by governments and a... Continue Reading »

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