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The Nature Conservancy of Canada's first acquisition in the Manitoba Region was in 1977. Today, we have conserved and protected over 33,700 hectares (83,275 acres) across nine natural areas critical to Manitoba's biodiversity. These areas provide important habitat for thousands of species of plants and animals, many of which are endangered or at risk. Thanks to the generous donations of Manitobans and our partners, we aim to ensure that these special areas, plants and animals continue to be there for generations to come and that Manitoba continues to be a special place. 

Stories from the Field

Map showing the birds' migration from Saskatchewan, passing through Manitoba to Missouri

Map showing the birds' migration from Saskatchewan, passing through Manitoba to Missouri

World Migratory Bird Day

World Migratory Bird Day is a day when the global community recognizes the ecological importance of migratory birds, the threats they face and their need for conservation. Continue Reading »

Burrowing owl (Photo by Brendan Matthews)

Burrowing owl (Photo by Brendan Matthews)

Exciting firsts for Manitoba on the Jackson Pipestone Prairie Project

Manitoba region is excited to share two new firsts for our region on the newly acquired Jackson Pipestone Prairie property. Continue Reading »

From Our Blog

Pronghorn (Photo by NCC)

Pronghorn (Photo by NCC)

Striving for fluid human-wildlife coexistence

September 8, 2023

My name is Evan Mah and I am an ecological restoration technician as a part of the Next Generation Conservation Leaders program with the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC). My job often involves routine fence maintenance and adjustments; however,... Continue Reading »

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