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In memoriam

Family members and friends honour the memory of a loved one by making a gift in memoriam to protect our natural heritage.

Nature Legacy Society

With the Nature Legacy Society, NCC aims to enable nature lovers to contribute both symbolically and concretely to the protection of Canada's natural heritage. By including a gift to NCC in their will or estate plan, members are actively involved in conservation. 

  • Pointe Saint-Vallier, Quebec (Photo by NCC)

    André Légaré

    An avid nature enthusiast, André Légaré has always lobbied for the protection of nature, while also financially supporting organizations dedicated to its conservation. He sought a way to perpetuate his efforts by including the Nature Conservancy of Canada in his will, particularly for the conservation of Pointe de Saint-Vallier, along the banks of the Saint Lawrence River just downstream from Quebec City. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

  • Lac du Portage, Beauce, Quebec (Photo by Claude Duchaîne)

    Rex Scott

    NCC wishes to pay tribute to a man renowned for his generosity and for his deep love of nature. During his lifetime, Mr. Scott gave a major ecological gift to NCC, fulfilling his wish to contribute to the protection of nature for current and future generations. Our deepest gratitude!    

  • Kenauk, QC (Photo by Kenauk Nature)

    Richard Pichette

    Wishing to honour the memory of his father Richard, Patrick Pichette suggested that friends and family make a donation to the Nature Conservancy of Canada. We sincerely thank Patrick Pichette and all the donors who responded to his appeal!          




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