Egmont Bay Natural Area, PEI (Photo by John Sylvester)

Egmont Bay Natural Area, PEI (Photo by John Sylvester)

The Sadler Family

When we first donated to the Nature Conservancy of Canada in 1989, our children were one, three and five years old. We were already in the habit of hiking at local conservation areas and parks. One of our favourite spots to visit was a park one of our children dubbed “the three pond place” because it did, indeed, have three connected ponds. We’d have a picnic, and puddle and explore, catch (and release!) frogs and sunfish to our hearts’ content.

You can imagine how surprised and dismayed we were to learn that most of the area was to be turned into a subdivision. This made us realize that if we wanted special places to be preserved, we needed to support an organization that could make this happen.

We’ve been donating to NCC ever since, and feel relieved, proud and happy that we’ve played a small part in helping conserve over 2.6 million acres across Canada over the past 50 years. Congratulations and keep up the great work!

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