NCC Staff in British Columbia (Photo by Ginny Hudson/NCC Staff)

NCC Staff in British Columbia (Photo by Ginny Hudson/NCC Staff)

Conservation and Stewardship Internships

What better way to spend a summer than getting outside? Join the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) and become a conservation or stewardship intern. Support conservation work on the ground, collect critical information and develop reports to help inform land management practices.

What does it involve?

Newfoundland and Labrador Conservation Intern Olivia Lymburner (Photo by Julia Ball/NCC Staff)

Newfoundland and Labrador Conservation Intern Olivia Lymburner (Photo by Julia Ball/NCC Staff)

  • Conduct baseline inventories and vegetation community classifications.
  • Conduct annual property inspections to ensure early detection and management of natural disturbances, vandalism, trespassing, emerging threats, risks and liabilities.
  • Monitor biodiversity targets (e.g. species at risk, vegetation communities) and threats (e.g. invasive species).
  • Implement recommended stewardship and management actions on NCC properties.
  • Assist with developing and writing property management plans, conservation agreement monitoring reports, effectiveness monitoring reports.
  • Assist with data collection, data entry, analysis and reporting as required to develop and implement property management plans.

What skills do you need to apply?

  • working towards a degree in biology, ecology, forestry, environmental studies or technical field school
  • technical skills (experience with stewardship actions, monitoring duties, wildlife surveys, identification of plants and vegetative communities within the local region)
  • manual labour skills (work extensive hours in variable weather conditions and terrain)
  • highly motivated, analytical, detail-oriented, creative and proactive thinker
  • navigation skills (field GPS unit, compass, GIS mapping and air photo interpretation)
  • standard or Wilderness First Aid certification
  • driver’s licence

Where are these positions offered?

To view current internship opportunities, click here.

In their own words

“The main work I am involved in requires many visits to NCC properties. This allows me to experience several interesting aspects of conservation, such as the observation of fauna and flora, the control of invasive species, the use of technology, and interacting and meeting with NCC volunteers.”

– Janie Dambremont, 2018 Stewardship Intern, Quebec

“Field work is not always glorious; thick swarms of bugs, alder thickets so dense you can hardly see in front of you and unpredictable weather make field days challenging. But despite the challenges, it is incredibly rewarding. After a long, difficult day, it is hard not to smile knowing that the work I am doing is directly contributing to the protection of plants, animals and habitats all across my beautiful home province.” 

– Haley MacDonald, 2018 Conservation Intern, Nova Scotia

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