British Columbia

NCC's first project in British Columbia was the acquisition of Mud Bay in 1974 — a vibrant intertidal property in Vancouver's Boundary Bay. Since then, we have completed more than 100 projects that protect almost 1 million acres (400,000 hectares) of the province's most ecologically significant land and water. Today, the BC Region continues to work with our partners to protect and steward British Columbia's natural heritage.

Stories from the Field

Western painted turtle suns itself in a wetland (Photo by NCC)

Western painted turtle suns itself in a wetland (Photo by NCC)

A thirst for wetlands

Transforming gravel parking lots from sterile expanses into thriving, nature-filled landscapes is becoming something of a habit for the Nature Conservancy of Canada in British Columbia. Continue Reading »

Peregrin Falcon, BC (Photo by Stuart Clarke)

Peregrin Falcon, BC (Photo by Stuart Clarke)

A conservation comeback we can all rapture in

After being designated an endangered species in the 1970s, the peregrine falcon has rebounded so much it is no longer considered a species at risk. At least for the most part. Continue Reading »

From Our Blog

Conservation Volunteers ready for birding (Photo by Fiona Walsh)

Counting crows: A winter walk reveals an abundance of birds in the Fraser River Estuary

February 13, 2018

For more than a century, an ongoing citizen science survey has taken place during the holiday season. Known as the Christmas Bird Count, the first survey was initiated by ornithologist Frank M. Chapman on Christmas Day in 1900. One hundred and... Continue Reading »

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