Gullchucks Estuary, BC

Gullchucks Estuary, BC

Stories From the Field

  • Carol, Walter and Canela Latter at Cherry Meadows (Photo courtesy the Latters)
    Witnessing the return of a wetland

    Carol and Walter Latter watched the farm fields in front of their home be restored into the natural wetlands they once were.
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  • Candice Chapple Daphne removal (Photo by Greater Victoria Green Team)
    Biggest winner of the Meadow Marathon: Garry Oak Ecosystems

    The Garry Oak Meadow Marathon has finished for its second year and it certainly was quite a feat.
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  • A song sparrow sings at Chase Woods. (Photo by Ren Ferguson)
    Eavesdropping on silence

    Acoustic ecology is helping us hear how full of sound a peaceful nature-scape really is.
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  • Gamdis Tlagee (Photo by Haida Laas-Graham Richard)
    Everything depends on everything else

    Connectivity is a word that can have many meanings. In the world of conservation, it is central to the essence of healthy, viable and biodiverse ecosystems. In Haida Gwaii, this idea goes even deeper.
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  • Andrew Beckerman and Jessie (BK Studios)
    Jessie's generosity

    Philanthropist Andrew Beckerman credits his generous gift in support of Darkwoods to the spirit of his former dog, Jessie. Learn about the love of the land shared by these two, and what moved them to take action to protect our natural spaces from disappearing.
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  • A participant inspects a mushroom (Photo by Pat Morrow)
    Fungus Friday

    A mushroom bioblitz near Creston brings out all ages to search for specimens in the fall forest.
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Supporter Spotlight

Atlantic puffins (Photo by Bill Caulfield-Browne)