Fort William, QC (Photo by Claude Duchaîne)

Fort William, QC (Photo by Claude Duchaîne)

Stories From the Field

  • Noah, Kaitlyn, Erin Hogg and a map turtle (Photo by Mark Tomalty and Ryan M Bolton)
    Kaitlyn and Noah’s encounter with turtles

    Today is World Turtle Day. To mark the occasion, our grandmother planned an outing for us to see the turtles at the Senneville Ecomuseum.
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  • McGill Outdoors Club, Alfred-Kelly Nature Reserve, Laurentians (photo by Denis Bergeron)
    This winter, come enjoy the trails of the Alfred-Kelly Nature Reserve in the Laurentians!

    At the start of the winter season, 10 generous volunteers from the McGill Outdoors Club came to lend a hand to the Comité régional pour la protection de falaises (CRPF) and the Amis de la reserve Alfred-Kelly (ARAK) to improve trail markings on 2.5 kilometres of trails in the Alfred-Kelly Nature Reserve.
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  • Bicknell's thrush (Photo by Serge Beaudette)
    Conservation of habitat for Bicknell's thrush

    Bicknell’s thrush is among one of the most threatened nesting bird species found in eastern North America, and this migrating species is at risk of disappearing.
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  • Wetland and forest protected by NCC in Bristol, Quebec (Photo by NCC)
    Wetlands: Top of the biodiversity charts

    Lac Saint-Pierre is a perfect example of wetlands’ natural wealth. Recognized as a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve for more than 10 years, this region is formed by a widening in the Saint Lawrence River between Sorel and Trois-Rivières.
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  • Copper redhorse (Photo by NCC)
    Saving the copper redhorse: A globally unique fish

    The copper redhorse can only be found in one place in the world — swimming in the waterways of southwest Quebec. NCC actively participates in the protection of its habitat.
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  • Lac Saint-Pierre, St. Lawrence River, Quebec (Photo by NCC)
    Join the fundraising campaign to help protect the islands of the Saint Lawrence River

    Contribute to the conservation of the Saint Lawrence River’s natural island and shoreline environments, for your own well-being and that of generations to come!
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