Old Man on His Back Prairie and Heritage Conservation area (Photo by Alan Dyer)

Old Man on His Back Prairie and Heritage Conservation area (Photo by Alan Dyer)

Stories From the Field

  • Animal tracks on Meeting Lake 03, SK (Photo by NCC)
    Tracking winter wildlife in the snow for conservation

    Volunteers learn how to track wildlife from both a science and Indigenous perspective
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  • Plains bison, Old Man on His Back, SK (Photo by NCC)
    Episode Five: The World’s Most Endangered Ecosystem

    This is the story of how fire, cows and bison keep the world’s most endangered ecosystem healthy.
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  • Sarah Ludlow and Joseph Poissant planting and smiling. (Photo by NCC)
    Sprucing up Meeting Lake

    NCC staff and volunteers work hard to plant 400 trees at Meeting Lake.
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  • Stargazing at OMB, SK (Photo by NCC)
    Take a trip to the stars this summer

    Visit the Nocturnal Preserve at Old Man on His Back Prairie Heritage and Conservation Area.
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  • Conservation Volunteers Barb Collier and Kathy Manyk are all smiles as they lay mulch mats over elderberry shrubs. (Photo by NCC)
    Making an impact on the prairies

    Caring for our conservation lands, and supporting others in adopting best methods for land stewardship, is a core part of the Nature Conservancy of Canada’s (NCC’s) mission. It's something we couldn’t do without the support of volunteers. Since 2006, 18,790 volunteers have taken part in NCC’s Conservation Volunteers (CV) program, supporting more than 1,500 projects within natural areas from coast to coast.
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  • Roaming bison at Old Man on His Back ranch (Photo by Mark Taylor)
    Research examines livestock grazing patterns in response to management strategies, including prescribed burning

    The Nature Conservancy of Canada and the University of Saskatchewan partner to research management strategies that influence where cattle and bison graze.
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