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  • Big Valley, Saskatchewan (Photo by Branimir Gjetvaj, http://branimirphoto.ca/)
    Big Valley Property

    This 552-acre (223-hectare) property joins the provincial Valeport Wildlife Management Area to offer 2,734 acres (1,106 hectares) of diverse natural habitat for numerous animal and plant species.
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  • Dundurn property (Photo by Jason Bantle)

    The Dundurn property was identified as a priority for NCC to acquire due to its pristine natural state and connectivity to surrounding native habitat.
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  • Fairy Hill, SK (Photo by Cherie Westmoreland)
    Fairy Hill South

    Fairy Hill South in Saskatchewan is not just about the future of wild spaces and uncommon wildlife species. It's also about partnerships and people.
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  • American badger at Hole in the Wall (Photo by Jason Bantle)
    Hole in the Wall

    The Hole in the Wall property is rich in grasslands, plants, animals and history. It is a priority conservation site, as the vast majority of the property’s 2,240 acres (907 hectares) are intact native grasslands.
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  • Bald eagle (Photo by Keith Mombour)
    Maymont 5

    Thank you for visiting the Maymont 5 Property owned and conserved by the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) in Saskatchewan.
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  • Wild prairie rose at Nebo Property (Photo by Mike Dembeck)
    Nebo property

    Nebo is situated in the transition zone that bridges boreal forest with prairie grasslands. It is situated about 50 minutes by vehicle west of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.
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  • Old Man on His Back Prairie and Heritage Conservation area (Photo by Branimir Gjetvaj)
    Old Man on His Back Prairie Heritage and Conservation Area

    The Old Man on His Back Prairie and Heritage Conservation Area continues to be one of our flagship projects and a beacon of hope for protecting our remaining intact native grasslands.
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  • Coyote pups at Pasqua Lake (Photo by Jason Bantle)
    Pasqua Lake

    The Pasqua Lake property is located 75 kilometres northeast of Regina and just upstream of Pasqua Lake. The property is within the Aspen Parkland ecoregion, an area of national importance due to its high biodiversity.
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  • View from the treetops (Photo by Jason Bantle)
    Valley View

    The Valley View conservation project enhances one of the most significant wildlife habitat corridors across southern Saskatchewan due to its location within the Qu’Appelle Valley, which stretches west to east across the province.
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  • NCC's Dale Gross looks out across the land at the Wideview property. (Photo by NCC)
    Wideview Complex

    Next to Grasslands National Park, Wideview is another example of southwest Saskatchewan's natural beauty.
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