The Nature Conservancy of Canada's (NCC's) first project in Saskatchewan occurred in 1982 — a section of native grassland in the Qu'Appelle Coulee. NCC now conserves more than 150,000 acres (60,703 hectares) of the province’s most ecologically significant land and water.

Stories from the Field

Palm warbler (Photo by Marshall Faintich)

Palm warbler (Photo by Marshall Faintich)

Upcycled solutions for grassland bird conservation

Mosaic repurposes pipe caps used in their potash operations to cap fences at Old Man on His Back Prairie and Heritage Conservation area. Continue Reading »

Giles Lalonde helps NCC staff plant trees at the Wise property. (Photo by NCC)

Giles Lalonde helps NCC staff plant trees at the Wise property. (Photo by NCC)

NCC’s neighbour passionate about helping forest restoration

Even as a kid, Giles Lalonde remembers seeing the rapid transformation of natural forests to land developed for various purposes. Continue Reading »

From Our Blog

Warbling vireo that was just banded. Also shown are the banding pliers used to apply the band, data sheet, wing chord ruler and digital scale. (Photo by NCC)

Banding together to protect birds

September 22, 2017

In a previous blog post, I discussed how scientists determine long-term trends in bird populations through annual monitoring. Those estimates provide valuable information about a species, but are limited in their capacity to explain the underlying... Continue Reading »

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