Stories from the field

Read about the science and stewardship projects Conservation Volunteers are supporting across the country!

  • Beetle collection (Photo by NCC)
    Little beetle, big project

    This summer, the Nature Conservancy of Canada held a leafy spurge beetle collection event at Willner-Elbow community pasture, where 50,000 leafy spurge beetles were collected in three hours among 12 people. That’s an average of 1,388 beetles per person per hour!
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  • Red Deer fence pull event, AB (Photo by Sasha Makheneva/NCC staff)
    Participation from all walks of life: How Conservation Volunteers are the strength behind our stewardship work

    Since 2017, over 8,600 volunteers donated more than 37,400 hours to help our stewardship activities and projects, contributing to making nature a thriving place for all.
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  • Conservation Volunteers and NL Team Planting Trees at the Torbay Gully Nature Reserve (Photo by NCC)
    How did 15 trees find their way to Torbay Gully?

    Even our smallest nature reserves are deserving of some love and care. Read along to find out how 15 trees made their way to the Torbay Gully Nature Reserve.
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  • Willow and Red Osier Dogwood shoots planted along the Assiniboine River.
    Fort Ellice Riparian Restoration

    Volunteers from Waywayseecappo Off-Campus School and Birtle Collegiate joined NCC staff to restore eroding banks along the Assiniboine River.
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  • Bumblebee on rose (Photo by Sean Feagan/NCC staff)
    Protecting our pollinators: From small seeds to large landscapes

    Alberta’s native bee species, a diverse group of pollinators essential to both ecosystems and agriculture, need our help.
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  • Newton and Molly making faces at the wildlife cameras, photo by NCC.
    Linking landscapes and families: creating a culture of service at any age

    Learn about how families are getting outside to volunteer for nature.
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