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The Nature Conservancy of Canada's first project in Alberta was in 1970 with the acquisition of Wagner Natural Area — 130 hectares of highly significant wetland habitat. Since then, we have protected close to 455,000 hectares of this province's most ecologically significant land and water. Today, the Alberta Region continues to work with our partners to protect and steward Alberta's natural heritage.

Stories from the Field

Baird's sparrow (Photo by Alan MacKeigan)

Baird's sparrow (Photo by Alan MacKeigan)

Surveying birds at McIntyre Ranch

Biological surveys are being conducted to better understand the birds living on McIntyre Ranch. Continue Reading »

Moose Pasture, AB (Photo by NCC)

Moose Pasture, AB (Photo by NCC)

A wetland wonderland now conserved

To celebrate World Wetlands Day, NCC is announcing the conservation of Moose Pasture, a wetland wonderland. Continue Reading »

From Our Blog

Elk at Lockerby, AB (Photo by NCC)

Elk at Lockerby, AB (Photo by NCC)

Adventures in elk country: Exploring conservation, wildlife and nature

November 20, 2023

As the Nature Conservancy of Canada’s (NCC’s) conservation intern in the Red Deer River this past summer, I assisted in monitoring more than 35 properties in central Alberta. A critical aspect of monitoring involves making species... Continue Reading »

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