Krista Sheppard (Photo courtesy K. Sheppard)

Krista Sheppard (Photo courtesy K. Sheppard)

Krista Sheppard

Director, Development & Communications
Vancouver, BC
C: 778-800-7056

How did you come to join the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC)?

I stumbled across the job posting for director of development and communications with the BC Region of the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) in the early summer of 2019. I knew right away that this was a special opportunity and that I would need to apply for the role. Environmental issues and conservation have been important to me since I was very young, so I was thrilled at the prospect of bringing my fundraising and communications experience to NCC. Every NCC staff member I met inspired me with demonstrated passion and commitment to the goals and values of NCC. That commitment, along with the region’s many spectacular projects and properties, was a huge draw.

What are you hoping to achieve through your work at NCC?

I can’t wait to share the many achievements of NCC with donors and the extended community. For those properties that are further afield in the province, I hope we transport those who have funded our work through the power of storytelling and in-depth reporting of our securement and stewardship efforts. I look forward to securing the major financial commitments NCC needs to protect some of the most ecologically important land in the province and undertake the restoration and stewardship work on the land in perpetuity.

Describe a typical day at work.

As every NCC staffer will say, there is no typical day at work. My responsibilities can range from basic administrative tasks to making major strategic decisions. The most joyful part of my work comes from meeting with NCC donors in-person. It’s always a pleasure to learn more about the interests and passions of those who so generously give of their time, talents and treasure. There is something truly magical about helping donors find a philanthropic project which speaks to their passion and ensuring NCC can accomplish some of the most important conservation work of our time. 

What are your hobbies/interests outside work?

I love to travel. Exploring cultures and landscapes (including our own!) is so fulfilling. Whether it’s the grasslands of the Southern Interior of BC or the jungles of Borneo, every visit feels like it adds a layer of richness and learning to life. If I’m not travelling, I’m in the Pilates studio. I find the practice to be centring and meditative. It’s the only place I can turn off my brain! Volunteering for various non-profit organizations in Vancouver is also important to me.

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