Nova Scotia

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The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) has been creating a natural legacy in Nova Scotia for more than 40 years. NCC's work in the province dates back to 1971, with 210 hectares (more than 520 acres) conserved at Sight Point in Cape Breton’s Mabou Highlands. NCC has worked with individuals and communities to protect 14,490 hectares (more than 35,805 acres) in 43 projects across the province.

Together we are making a difference in all corners of picturesque Nova Scotia; from strategic land securement initiatives, to restoring and protecting habitat, to important stewardship and land management activities. From rural areas to Halifax County, we are diligently working to sustain the province's natural heritage for today and for our children and grandchildren.

Stories from the Field

Musquodoboit River, NS (Photo by NCC)

Musquodoboit River, NS (Photo by NCC)

Active Rivers Area project: Supporting nature-based solutions for rivers, fish and communities

The Active Rivers Area project, developed with funding from Environment and Climate Change Canada and the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, used geomatic information mapping software to map the full extent of riparian zones across the three Maritime provinces and southern Quebec. Continue Reading »

Danielle Horne (Courtesy of Danielle Horne/NCC staff)

Danielle Horne (Courtesy of Danielle Horne/NCC staff)

Connecting with nature under COVID-19

NCC staff participated in the international City Nature Challenge 2020, documenting species close to home. Continue Reading »

From Our Blog

Next Creek alpine lake (Photo by Steve Ogle)

Next Creek alpine lake (Photo by Steve Ogle)

What will we save? The conservation decisions we make today will impact Canada’s wildlife forever

March 3, 2021

Nature conservation often means making tough decisions. The conservation that does, or doesn’t, happen today will have a big impact on the future of wildlife here in Canada and beyond. Canada is a large and vast country, and we are one of... Continue Reading »

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