Nova Scotia

Most places under NCC's care welcome visitors. Please check site-specific pages on this website for access information and any special restrictions.

NCC's work in the province dates back to 1971, with 210 hectares conserved at Sight Point in Cape Breton’s Mabou Highlands. NCC has worked with individuals and communities to protect more than 18,000 hectares in projects across the province.

Together we are making a difference in all corners of picturesque Nova Scotia; from strategic land securement initiatives, to restoring and protecting habitat, to important stewardship and land management activities. From rural areas to Halifax County, we are diligently working to sustain the province's natural heritage for today and for our children and grandchildren.

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Browse our interactive map of nature reserves located throughout Nova Scotia and Atlantic Canada. Our nature reserves are managed for the primary purpose of nature conservation, but visitors are welcome to explore many of these sites. Most of our nature reserves are open to pedestrian access on existing paths and during daylight hours. However, many of these lands do not have paths, are undeveloped, and may have hazards present, so care should be taken when visiting.

If you wish to get involved and learn more about becoming a volunteer to help look after these areas, please email us at: Atlantic.Volunteers@natureconservancy.ca.

Stories from the Field

Summer's End (Photo by Julia Ball/NCC staff)

Summer's End (Photo by Julia Ball/NCC staff)

Summer adventures with interns in Atlantic Canada

As summer 2023 comes to an end, let’s celebrate the success of Nature Conservancy of Canada interns in Atlantic Canada and their projects. Read more. Continue Reading »

Cabin of Benjamin H. Annis in Port Joli, NS (Photo courtesy of Cal Annis)

Cabin of Benjamin H. Annis in Port Joli, NS (Photo courtesy of Cal Annis)

Cherishing memories of Port Joli

Read along to find out how Cal (Calvin) Annis, a native Nova Scotian living in Alberta, still cherishes his childhood memories of Port Joli, on the south shore of Nova Scotia. Continue Reading »

From Our Blog

Abraham Lake Nature Reserve, NS (Photo by Len Wagg)

Abraham Lake Nature Reserve, NS (Photo by Len Wagg)

Fifty years ago

September 20, 2023

Fifty years ago, as a junior forester, I was introduced to “Big Red.” Towering above the other red spruce trees in a classic example of old-growth Wabanaki (Acadian) forest, Big Red was located near the trailhead of the Nature... Continue Reading »

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