Volunteers helping with the Gaff Point Trailblazing event (Photo by NCC)

Volunteers helping with the Gaff Point Trailblazing event (Photo by NCC)

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Conservation Volunteers with the marine debris that they removed from the Boar’s Head Nature Reserve, Nova Scotia (Photo by NCC).

Conservation Volunteers with the marine debris that they removed from the Boar’s Head Nature Reserve, Nova Scotia (Photo by NCC).

There are many ways to get involved and help support our work in Nova Scotia.

Volunteers play an important part in furthering the mandate of the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) in Nova Scotia. They bring a unique perspective, varied expertise and an unsurpassed enthusiasm to protect the region’s natural areas. There are many ways that NCC’s volunteers support our conservation work in the Atlantic Region, including attending our Conservation Volunteers events, monitoring our nature reserves as property stewards, and assisting with community engagement and fundraising activities. Here are a few ways that you can get involved:

Conservation Volunteers events

NCC’s Conservation Volunteers program engages people of all ages to get involved in the protection of Canada's biodiversity. Join NCC staff for one-day events to carry out critical conservation actions on our nature reserves, such as removing marine debris from coastal areas, maintaining and improving publicly used trails, removing invasive species, carrying out bird surveys and contributing to citizen science projects.

To learn more about Conservation Volunteers events hosted in Nova Scotia, visit the Conservation Volunteers webpage or email Atlantic.Volunteers@natureconservancy.ca

Become a Leader in Conservation

Protect Atlantic Canada's most precious places and become a Leader in Conservation. By donating $1,000 or more annually, you will join a growing group of dedicated NCC supporters who help protect the biodiversity and pristine landscapes of Canada’s East Coast. Your membership in the Leaders in Conservation program gives you special opportunities to experience the impact of your generosity.

To learn more, visit the Leaders in Conservation webpage or contact Tom Pettigrew, Atlantic LIC coordinator, and get started today. Call or text 902-293-8265 or email tom.pettigrew@natureconservancy.ca.

Property and trail stewards

Volunteer property and trail stewards help by keeping a watchful eye on our nature reserves through monitoring the condition of the property, noting species of interest and reporting issues, such as illegal wood harvesting or dumping. They may also help to maintain trails, install boundary or information signs, and clean up debris. The information provided to NCC by property and trail stewards contributes to our ongoing property management and ensures that we are doing all that we can to conserve the ecological integrity of our lands.

We have opportunities for volunteer property and trail stewards across Nova Scotia, and are currently seeking volunteers for these priority nature reserves:

Lobster Bay Nature Reserve (27 km from Yarmouth, NS)

Round Bay Nature Reserve (26 km from Shelburne, NS)

Economy Point Nature Reserve (55 km from Truro, NS)

To find out how to get involved, email Atlantic.volunteers@natureconservancy.ca. Be sure to let us know where you are based, or which NCC property you're interested in helping out with.

Other volunteer opportunities

We have volunteers across the Atlantic Region that assist us with a variety of tasks and activities, including cataloguing wildlife photos from trail cameras, attending community outreach events, supporting fundraising efforts and capturing the beauty of our nature reserves through photography and video.

To find out how to get involved, email Atlantic.Volunteers@natureconservancy.ca.

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