Conservation Volunteers group on Hirtles Beach, NS (Photo by NCC)

Conservation Volunteers group on Hirtles Beach, NS (Photo by NCC)

Stories From the Field

  • Samantha and Ben in the field, Shaw Wilderness Park, NS (Photo by NCC)
    A warm welcome back to nature

    The Shaw Wilderness Park calls to Haligonians on warm summer days. And when you answer the call to visit a Nature Conservancy of Canada property, you could run into an amazing conservation team searching for at-risk creatures. Learn more>
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  • Beth Brooks, Conservation Intern (Photo by NCC)
    First steps as a summer intern

    This summer, NCC’s Atlantic Region will host 13 paid internships. Today’s interns are aspiring professionals, and by investing in them, you are contributing to Canada’s conservation leaders of tomorrow.
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  • Musquodoboit River, NS (Photo by NCC)
    Active Rivers Area project: Supporting nature-based solutions for rivers, fish and communities

    The Active Rivers Area project, developed with funding from Environment and Climate Change Canada and the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, used geomatic information mapping software to map the full extent of riparian zones across the three Maritime provinces and southern Quebec.
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  • Aerial view of Foxner Nature Reserve, NB (Photo by Mike Dembeck)
    Conserving water for wildlife

    For the first time, all the rivers and streams in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI and eastern Quebec have been mapped.
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  • NCC's Danielle Horne with dogwood (NCC photo)
    In nature, the ordinary can be awe-inspiring

    NCC's conservation biologist Danielle Horne spends months in the field every year in Nova Scotia. She enjoys spotting rare species, but sometimes finds ordinary ones the most awe-inspiring.
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  • Bill Freedman, 25-year volunteer with the Nature Conservancy of Canada (Photo by Mike Dembeck)
    Honouring Dr. Bill Freedman

    At a Celebration of Life in Halifax, there were many stories told, through laughter and tears, about professor Bill Freedman (known to many as Dr. Bill): a respected scientist, an optimistic ecologist and a passionate teacher who served as both Atlantic and National Board Chair for the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC).
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