Conservation Volunteers group on Hirtles Beach, NS (Photo by NCC)

Conservation Volunteers group on Hirtles Beach, NS (Photo by NCC)

Stories From the Field

  • Atlantic Interns gathering at Johnson's Mills Nature Reserve (Photo by NCC Staff)
    Interns of Atlantic

    Looking after migratory shorebirds, debris cleanup, bringing awareness to communities and more — the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) interns of 2022 did it all. Read along to learn more about these eager young individuals and their achievements over the summer.
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  • Joe Schell (Photo by: Doug Van Hemessen/NCC staff)
    A job like no other

    Whale watching in Nova Scotia? Yes, please! The Nature Conservancy of Canada’s Dr. Freedman intern, Joe Schell, talked to us about the perks of working outdoors for the summer.
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  • Small wood turtle, Nova Scotia (Photo by Thomas Baker)
    In Search of Wood Turtles

    Former Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) intern Thomas Baker speaks about his passion for wood turtles, a species at risk in Nova Scotia.
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  • Glossy buckthorn (Photo by NCC Staff)
    Glossy Buckthorn / Pugwash River Estuary

    Glossy buckthorn is an invasive non-native plant found in the Pugwash River Estuary in Nova Scotia. This podcast looks at why the Pugwash River Estuary is considered an important natural area, and how Glossy buckthorn removal on this site conserves biological diversity.
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  • Samantha and Ben in the field, Shaw Wilderness Park, NS (Photo by NCC)
    A warm welcome back to nature

    The Shaw Wilderness Park calls to Haligonians on warm summer days. And when you answer the call to visit a Nature Conservancy of Canada property, you could run into an amazing conservation team searching for at-risk creatures. Learn more>
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  • Beth Brooks, Conservation Intern (Photo by NCC)
    First steps as a summer intern

    This summer, NCC’s Atlantic Region will host 13 paid internships. Today’s interns are aspiring professionals, and by investing in them, you are contributing to Canada’s conservation leaders of tomorrow.
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