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Since 1962, Canada’s leading not-for-profit, private land conservation organization, the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC), has been protecting Ontario’s most important natural areas and the species they sustain. Along with its partners, NCC has helped to protect more than 84,226 hectares (more than 208,127 acres) in Ontario. From the north shore of Lake Superior to Pelee Island in Lake Erie, NCC works to protect the province’s most significant natural landscapes.

Stories from the Field

Honeybee on butterflyweed (Photo by NCC)

Honeybee on butterflyweed (Photo by NCC)

Native plant gardening in Ontario

This spring, consider a low-maintenance garden that promotes native biodiversity. We've compiled some resources to help get you started. Continue Reading »

Minesing Wetlands (Photo by NCC)

Minesing Wetlands (Photo by NCC)

Forests, wetlands and grasslands: The superheroes of flood control

Forests, wetlands and even grasslands help to slow down erosion, absorb water and provide a natural buffer to lakes and rivers. Continue Reading »

From Our Blog

Blanding's turtle (Photo by NCC)

Blanding's turtle (Photo by NCC)

It’s turtle time!

July 8, 2021

Anyone who drives the winding, hilly roads of Ontario’s Frontenac Arch is familiar with the picturesque views of forest rolling along granite ridges, lakes scattered across the landscape, diverse wetlands and the potential for wildlife... Continue Reading »

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