Sunset at Hay Bay, ON (Photo by Ethan Meleg)

Sunset at Hay Bay, ON (Photo by Ethan Meleg)

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  • Backus Woods, Ontario (Photo by NCC)
    Backus Woods and the Weston Family Trail

    In 2010, the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC), with the support of The W. Garfield Weston Foundation, successfully conserved Backus Woods, a spectacular older-growth Carolinian forest.
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  • Bird's-eye view of Trout Bay, Lake Superior, ON. (Photo by John Anderson)
    Big Trout Bay

    A conservation success fifteen years in the making
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  • Hill's thistle, Northern Bruce Peninsula (Photo by Bruce Gates)
    Crane River Tract

    This large block of undeveloped land is located in the heart of one of Ontario’s most significant natural areas. The property includes pockets of remnant old growth pine, a vital wildlife corridor and critical habitat for rare and vulnerable species such as Dwarf Lake iris.
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  • Elbow Lake, Frontenac Arch, ON (Photo by NCC)
    Elbow Lake

    In 2008, the Nature Conservancy of Canada protected 1,136 acres (460 hectares) on the Frontenac Arch: the Elbow Lake project. The land is in the very heart of one of the critical acquisition zones identified in the Frontenac Arch Natural Area Conservation Plan.
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  • Emma Young Forest by Bill Hubick
    Emma Young Forest

    The Emma Young Forest is a fascinating property located within a forest network in one of the largest road-free blocks in eastern Ontario.
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  • Channel spring, Gervais property, Ottawa, ON (Photo by Daniel F. Brunton).
    Gervais Caves, Ottawa River Valley

    Did you know that Ottawa River Valley is home to the longest underwater cave system in Canada? Beneath the surface of the Ottawa River lies a subterranean wonderland seldom seen by the human eye – the Ottawa River Caves. The labyrinth measures over 10 kilometres in length and runs under several islands throughout the Ottawa River – including a four-kilometre section on the Ontario side of the river known as the Gervais Caves.
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  • Hikers in Happy Valley Forest, ON (Photo by NCC)
    Happy Valley's "Heart of the Forest"

    With an opportunity to secure a key property located right in the heart of the forest, NCC will be able to link our existing Happy Valley Forest lands to create a wildlife corridor for generations to come.
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  • North Bear Alvar in the Carden Alvar Natural Area, Ontario (Photo by NCC)
    North Bear Alvar

    Situated just east of Orillia in central Ontario, North Bear Alvar is a 787-acre (318-hectare) expanse of globally rare alvar habitat and an important part of the Nature Conservancy of Canada's growing network of conservation lands on the Carden Alvar.
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  • Powder Islands, ON (Photo by Murray Whybourne)
    Powder Islands

    The Powder Islands are located less than one kilometre off the coast of Lake Superior near Rossport in the Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area. These two islands are almost completely forested, supporting bald eagles and rare Great Lakes coastal wetlands.
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  • Aerial view of the Scheck Nature Reserve (original Scheck Nature Reserve on the right in yellow with announced addition on the left in red), Ontario (Photo by Chris Grooms)
    Scheck Nature Reserve

    The Scheck Nature Reserve near Newburgh, Ontario spans more than 175 acres (70 hectares) of globally rare habitat that is of critical importance for the endangered eastern loggerhead shrike, an unusual songbird dependent on open grasslands.
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  • Leaf heart (Photo by NCC).
    Valentine for nature

    The Frontenac Arch is an area of great biological importance in the Great Lakes Basin. It is one of the most biologically diverse areas in Ontario, supporting many birds, reptiles and plants.
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  • Wilson Island's cobble shores, Ontario (Photo by Michelle Derosier, Thunderstone Pictures)
    Wilson Island

    Amazing sand beaches, stunning sunsets and the calming sounds of waves lapping on a forested shoreline: these are just some of the spectacular features of Wilson Island.
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