Jean-Paul-Riopelle Nature Reserve (Photo by Claude Duchaîne)

Jean-Paul-Riopelle Nature Reserve (Photo by Claude Duchaîne)


  • Winter view from Pointe aux Pins, Jean-Paul Riopelle Nature Reserve, QC (Photo by NCC)
    Île aux Grues - History and art: Protected areas at both ends

    The exceptional landscapes of Île aux Grues have often been praised in the past. But what exactly lies in its past? The history behind two of the Nature Conservancy of Canada protected natural areas on this island is as rich as the life that thrives there.

  • Jean-Paul-Riopelle Nature Reserve, QC (Photo by Claude Duchaîne)
    Île aux Grues - Jean-Paul-Riopelle Nature Reserve

    Discover a natural masterpiece

  • Bobolink (Photo by Bill Hubick)
    Île aux Grues - The upper marshes

    Île aux Grues is connected to Île aux Oies by a tidal flat: the upper marshes (haut marais). This strip of land is subject to flooding caused by the river’s high tide.

  • Harvest Festival, pointe de St-Vallier (Photo by NCC)
    Pointe de Saint-Vallier - A natural and historical heritage

    In 1999, Robert and Gabrielle Amos, wishing to ensure the long-term protection of the Pointe de Saint-Vallier, donated their property to two organizations dedicated to conserving historical and natural heritage, namely Canadian Heritage of Quebec and the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC).

  • Lac du Portage, Beauce, Quebec (Photo by Claude Duchaîne)
    White Mountains

    Through hard work and determination, the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) has achieved remarkable results in the White Mountains. Thanks to the generous donations of landowners who care about conservation, NCC has now protected more than 9,000 hectares (90 square kilometres) for the long term.

  • Portage Lake property, Beauce, QC (photo by NCC)
    Portage Lake - A place of ecological and historical wealth

    This new conservation area spans over 28 square kilometres on the border of the Chaudières-Appalaches region. The protection of this beautiful land will be ensured by NCC, thanks to the collaboration of various partners who have helped secure the property.

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