Cheryl Cho, NCC Donor

Cheryl Cho, NCC Donor

Cheryl Cho

NCC Donor

Cheryl Cho’s introduction to the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) took place on her own doorstep when her family made a land contribution, but her love for nature was born long before that. She’s an avid fan of camping and hiking and tries to get in touch with nature as often as possible, whether through biking around the city, canoeing in the summer or skiing in the winter. Cheryl is a researcher with the University of Saskatchewan’s Department of Plant Sciences. She has been a Leader In Conservation with NCC for over five years.

So how did Cheryl’s love and connection for the environment begin? “Growing up, I wouldn’t say I was a big nature nut, not compared to my children now,” says Cheryl. “I enjoyed being outdoors, visiting the family farm and that kind of thing. Camping was big when I was a kid. We went all over Saskatchewan, where there are so many good spots to camp.”

Cheryl believes it’s important to support an organization like the Nature Conservancy of Canada.I think about our kids and future generations, and what they’re going to experience of the world,” says Cheryl. “I think it’s important to make sure that they’re able to get their nature fix and keep land protected for the long term for them. There is a lot of negativity out there that you have to navigate, with daunting numbers being thrown at the public about habitat loss and climate change, and seeing it through kids’ eyes gives a good perspective of why we need to continue what we’re doing.”

What does Cheryl think sets NCC apart from other conservation organizations? “NCC has a good track record of managing donor contributions, and the staff are very passionate and engaging. Those are two big features that I look for in a charity.”

One of Cheryl’s favourite NCC memories was the campout at Old Man on His Back Prairie and Heritage Conservation Area. “There was a meteor shower and we had a clear night to see it with the telescope set up there,” she says. “Being able to do real, tangible work that I felt contributed to something and being there as a family was great.” Old Man on His Back is a Nature Destination at NCC. For more information, visit naturedestinations.ca. To learn more about what NCC is doing to protect native grasslands, such as the ones found at Old Man on His Back, visit conservegrasslands.ca.

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