Learning the Land

Treaty 4 Education Alliance (Photo by Dane Roy)

Treaty 4 Education Alliance (Photo by Dane Roy)

Learning the Land is a program created through a partnership between the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) and Treaty Education Alliance (TEA). The program offers specialized projects and initiatives to TEA-affiliated schools and communities. Projects and initiatives include information sharing on native prairie conservation and species at risk, outdoor learning activities and community mapping. Learning the Land students gain valuable land-based skills and teachings through a combination of western science and Indigenous Traditional Knowledge.

TEA is an educational initiative serving the First Nations of the Treaty 4 territory. Currently, seven Treaty 4 First Nations have committed to participate in TEA and the Learning the Land program.

TEA continues its development of a Learning the Land model, based on its mission and vision to serve and support each of the member First Nations in advancing their treaty and inherent rights to education for the success of their citizens and nations.

Through these special projects, such as the creation of outdoor learning spaces, the Learning the Land program continues to evolve and take shape with respect to affiliated school and community needs and interests.

To learn more about the work that NCC’s Saskatchewan Region is doing with Learning the Land, visit learningtheland.ca.

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