NCC staff planting shrubs at NCC’s Molde property (Photo by NCC)

NCC staff planting shrubs at NCC’s Molde property (Photo by NCC)

Our Work

Saskatchewan's abundant wildlife species and rich natural diversity makes our conservation work crucial, if we are to protect hundreds of wildlife species that are endangered, at risk or of concern. Since 1997, the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) has secured more than 170 properties covering almost 60,703 hectares in Saskatchewan.

We work all across the province, conserving wetlands, rivers and creeks, native prairie, aspen parkland and boreal forest in order to support Saskatchewan's native plants, animals and natural systems. Here are some of our priority natural areas.


Where hunting aligns with property management plans and donor wishes, permission to hunt may be granted. To request permission to hunt on NCC lands in Saskatchewan, you must fill in and submit the Saskatchewan Hunting Permission Application form.

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Missouri Coteau

The Missouri Coteau is a rugged, rolling glacial moraine that extends across southern Saskatchewan. The area is characterized by large tracts of native grasslands and a high density of prairie pothole wetlands and lakes. The Coteau's characteristic wetlands and lakes make this region one of the most important habitat areas in North America for waterfowl and other waterbirds. By securing properties such as Shoe Lake West, NCC can ensure that it this region's important natural places are protected in perpetuity.
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Qu'Appelle River Valley

The Qu'Appelle River and its valley support a vast and rich diversity of life. The valley acts as a vital corridor for the movement of many wide-ranging mammals and migratory birds. Wetlands within the valley are critical to the survival of more than 30 rare animal and plant species.
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Cypress Uplands

The Cypress Uplands are characterized by highland forest interspersed with meadows and grasslands. More than 246 bird species have been identified here, accounting for more than half of the birds found across the entire province. This rich diversity of vegetation supports a unique variety of mammals within southern Saskatchewan, including moose, elk, lynx and cougar.
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