Egmont Bay Natural Area, PEI (Photo by John Sylvester)

Egmont Bay Natural Area, PEI (Photo by John Sylvester)

Adam Harnett

Adam Harnett was raised in Saskatchewan. As a child, his father took him fishing north of the Churchill River, swimming in the Parkland Lakes and walking around Chaplin Lake. The time he spent outside with his dad nurtured an enduring love of wild places.

Because nature is so important to Adam, he studied biology, landscape ecology and economics at the University of Saskatchewan. While still in university, Adam saw NCC’s Fighting for Canada television program and he joined the Protectors Club. He says “I appreciate wolves and bison and want [to help protect] corridors and other habitat for them.”

The NCC Conservation Volunteers program is new to Saskatchewan and Adam was one of its first participants. Already a monthly donor, Adam found out about the opportunity to be more involved when he went to the NCC website. He signed up to volunteer at an event in Big Valley doing a baseline inventory. “It was a really great experience,” he says about his day spent tromping through the grasslands.

“I am actually an economist. I suppose I feel guilty for not being an ecologist.” Adam explains, “I am dedicated to NCC because they protect healthy ecosystems.”

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