Mountain Life Apparel (Photo courtesy Mountain Life Apparel)

Mountain Life Apparel (Photo courtesy Mountain Life Apparel)

Mountain Life Apparel

Brock and Bo Montgomery (Photo courtesy Brock Montgomery)

Brock and Bo Montgomery (Photo courtesy Brock Montgomery)

Interview with Brock Montgomery, co-owner

NCC: Tell us about Mountain Life Apparel (MLA). Where did the idea come from, and where do you want to see the company go in the future?

BM: I am the owner of MLA, along with my brother Bo Montgomery.

When we were discussing in 2017 about what we wanted to do, a few main things came up for us. We knew we wanted to stay true to our passions. Also, we wanted to create a company where we could give back in many different ways, and we wanted to create a community where people would feel welcome and free from judgement. So, looking at all angles and our passions, we easily came to the realization it had to be something within the mountains.

Looking at how we could give back was an exciting part knowing there are endless possibilities with that. We got pretty excited!

Finally, to create that community, we landed on a clothing brand. You can rep your mountain life pride whereever you are! So, we got to work figuring out all the logistics and how we could make our dream come true. We started with a couple thousand dollars and bought a few hoodies and T-shirts and kept reinvesting that to grow to where we are today.

We are very happy with where MLA is currently. We looked at it as a hobby the first couple years, so we are very pleased with the response. We are very excited for what is to come in the next three years. We plan to expand the brand, giving us a better opportunity to give back on a larger scale. We hope by the end of 2023 we will be a well-known brand throughout the mountain community, known for inclusivity and expressing one's true self and freedoms.

NCC: What is your favourite nature activity or memory?

BM: My favourite nature activity is backcountry hiking with my family and friends. Locally, we enjoy the Kananaskis area and of course Banff. A big favourite of ours is Luellen Lake. It is a little hidden gem of a lake with beautiful campsites right along the lake.

NCC: MLA has been a partner of the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) since 2017. How did you learn about NCC and what made you choose to partner with us?

BM: We have known about NCC for a while now. When we first started MLA, it was a clear choice for us. What we like about NCC is that we can choose to have the money we donate go right back to projects in the Canadian Rockies. We feel if you are in a position to help, in whatever way you can, then you should. So, we started MLA with the intention to give back as much as possible. NCC does amazing work and we are glad to be able to contribute to that.

NCC: Is there anything special and unique about MLA that many people might not know?

BM: We are brothers who we born and raised in Saskatchewan. Yes, we know, there are no mountains there. Our family took many trips to the mountains when we were younger, and we fell in love from a very young age. So, Bo moved out to Calgary and joined the Calgary Fire Department to be that much closer to the mountains while I was away playing hockey in Europe. 

NCC: What’s a goal that you’ve made for yourself during this time of physical distancing?

BM: I have made it a goal to deepen my yoga practice, stay active and bring positivity and happiness to others.

NCC: Is there anything else that you would like to tell everyone?

BM:A little bit more about who we are! Bo and I both grew up playing hockey in the WHL here in Canada. I then moved away to play in America and Europe, and Bo joined the Calgary Fire Department. I am currently in Bali after finishing my yoga teacher training and volunteering at a school over here on the island of Sumba. Bo is training in Brazilian jiu jitsu and taking care of his two beautiful girls.

To learn more about Mountain Life Apparel and see what they have in stock, visit their website.

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