Mt Broadwood, British Columbia (Photo by NCC)

Mt Broadwood, British Columbia (Photo by NCC)

Elk Flathead

  • The Wigwam River on Mt. Broadwood, in the Elk Valley Heritage Conservation Area. (Photo by Lyle Grisdale)
    Elk Valley Heritage Conservation Area

    The Elk Valley is a critically important wildlife corridor that accommodates the north-south movement of wide-ranging carnivores, particularly grizzly bear, wolf, wolverine and lynx.

  • Flathead River, BC (Photo by NCC)
    Flathead River Valley

    Straddling the BC-Montana border in the western shadow of the Rocky Mountains, the Flathead River Valley is one of North America's most spectacular wilderness areas.

  • The view of the Elk River from Morrissey Meadows Conservation Area (Photo by NCC)
    Morrissey Meadows Conservation Area

    Situated within an identified regional wildlife corridor, Morrissey Meadows Conservation Area and its wetland, streamside and woodland habitats are an important addition to the Elk Valley's conservation landscape.

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