• John Webb taken at Smiley’s Provincial Park 2011 (photo courtesy of Ron Kasgor)
    John Webb

    John Webb: Nature through the lens of a camera

  • Freeman Patterson, Shamper’s Bluff, NB  (Photo by BrainWorks)
    Freeman Patterson

    It’s been more than 20 years since Freeman Patterson donated land to conservation. Every day that he experiences nature he is reminded just how important his gift was and continues to be.

  • L-R: John Patten, Robert Patten, Susan Patten, Allan Patten (Photo courtesy of the Patten family)
    Patten Family Foundation

    The Patten Family has been a generous NCC supporter for the last decade, first through their company, A. Harvey & Company Limited, and now through the Patten Family Foundation.

  • Jeff Cooke (Photo by Margaret Cooke)
    Jeff Cooke/Cooke Insurance

    Jeff Cooke first invested in the Nature Conservancy of Canada in 2015. His company engaged in a novel, three-year partnership with NCC through the Landmark Campaign.

  • Jim Irving (Photo courtesy Jim Irving)
    J. D. Irving, Limited

    NCC is grateful to Jim and JDI for their ongoing support of NCC’s work under the Landmark Campaign.

  • John Risley (Photo by Denis Duquette)
    John Risley

    John has continued to support a number of NCC projects over the years. He’s also a dedicated volunteer, having already helped raise funds as part of the Landmark, A Force for Nature and Natural Masterpieces campaigns.

  • Mike Dembeck
    Mike Dembeck

    Mike Dembeck takes beautiful pictures and videos of NCC’s properties throughout the Atlantic provinces and across Canada. His work is beyond phenomenal.

  • René J. Basque (Photo courtesy of René J. Basque)
    Actus Law Droit

    In 2000, René J. Basque, a New Brunswick lawyer specializing in corporate litigation and regulatory work was retained by the Nature Conservancy of Canada to help the charity purchase a tract of land near the Lower Bay of Fundy.

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