Joan Feather, NCC donor

Joan Feather, NCC donor

Joan Feather

NCC Donor

"Native grasslands in Saskatchewan are so important to me because they appeal to my head and to my heart. My head knows that they are rich in biodiversity and amazingly resilient. They provide vital ecological services, and they are an essential part of our rural economy and heritage. But my heart sings when my feet are planted on that ancient ground and the wind carries the call of Sprague's pipit and meadowlark. I roamed the grassland hills as a child, left that all behind for many years, and returned only to discover that my heart and soul are intimately bound to these places. The Nature Conservancy of Canada provides an opportunity for me to put my money where my heart is, and help to conserve these places where my heart sings." - Joan Feather, NCC donor

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