Missouri Coteau, SK (Photo by NCC)

Missouri Coteau, SK (Photo by NCC)

Buffalo Valley

Black-capped chickadee (Photo by Paul Turbitt)

Black-capped chickadee (Photo by Paul Turbitt)

The Buffalo Valley property, nestled in the heart of the Missouri Coteau in southwestern Saskatchewan, is owned and conserved by the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC). 

About Buffalo Valley

  • Located in the Mixed Grassland Ecoregion, which contains mixed grass prairie and many wetlands.
  • About 80 kilometres (50 miles) northeast of Swift Current, 16 kilometres (10 miles) northwest of Beechy, in the Regional Municipality of Victory #226.
  • 4,095 acres (1,657 hectares) of uplands and wetlands in the Missouri Coteau Natural Area, extending from south-central Saskatchewan to southern South Dakota.
  • Threats to long-term conservation: Habitat loss and fragmentation due to cultivation; intensive grazing.
  • Provides habitat for songbirds, waterfowl and shorebirds.

Species that may be viewed here

  • mallard
  • northern shoveler
  • blue-winged teal
  • gadwall
  • northern pintail
  • killdeer
  • red-winged blackbird
  • meadowlark
  • Baird's sparrow
  • Sprague's pipit
  • vesper sparrow
  • savannah sparrow
  • white-tailed and mule deer
  • coyote
  • Richardson's ground squirrel
  • burrowing owl
  • prairie dunewort 
  • and more. 

See NCC's Species List for the Mixed Grassland Ecoregion. This NCC Species List contains all species viewed and recorded by NCC in Saskatchewan's Mixed Grassland Ecoregion. How many of these species have you seen here? (You can use the Species List to keep track!)

Please note

  • Enjoy foot access only on most NCC Saskatchewan properties in Saskatchewan.
  • Leave gates closed and fences intact.
  • Enter this property at your own risk. Beware of livestock.
  • Hunt with permission only.
  • Keep memories and only take photos. Do not litter or dispose of garbage here.

Contact NCC at 1.866.622.7275 to:

  • Lease this area for livestock grazing.
  • Hunt on this property.
  • Learn more about NCC's work in Saskatchewan.
  • Contribute to NCC's conservation work in Saskatchewan.
  • Donate to NCC's conservation work in Saskatchewan.

Our partners in Buffalo Valley

  • Environment Canada: Natural Area Conservation Program
  • Government of Saskatchewan, Ministry of Environment: Fish and Wildlife Development Fund
  • United States Fish and Wildlife Service (North American Wetlands Conservation Act)

The Nature Conservancy of Canada is a nonprofit, private land conservation organization, protecting ecologically significant natural lands and the species they sustain. NCC works with individuals, corporations, foundations, governments and communities to protect this living heritage for future generations to enjoy.

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