Red Deer River, AB (Photo by Karol Dabbs)

Red Deer River, AB (Photo by Karol Dabbs)

Stories From the Field

  • Volunteer measuring tree height (Photo by NCC)
    Trees for Bees is back!

    On World Environment Day (June 10, 2016) the Nature Conservancy of Canada’s (NCC’s) Conservation Volunteers celebrated by attending the second annual Trees for Bees event.
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  • Beaver spotted at Nature Walks (Photo by NCC)
    Leaders take time out for nature

    Members of the LIC program are invited to take time out for nature with the expertise of local naturalist Gus Yaki during the newly launched nature walks, which will occur on the first Thursday of every month.
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  • Shooting Stars by Annora Brown (Photo courtesy Caroline Johnson)
    Annora Brown: Conservation through art

    With only her sketchbook and paintbrushes, Annora Brown fought to save the flora and fauna and preserve the historic culture of the Oldman and Waterton River regions of southern Alberta.
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  • Speakers at Nature Talks: The Future of Conservation (Photo by NCC)
    The future of conservation

    On May 26, 2016, PhD and master students from the University of Alberta’s Biological Sciences and Renewable Resources Department presented their research topics to a crowd of more than 80 people.
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  • Busenius, UNSRB, Alberta (Photo by Kyle Marquardt)
    Beauty in my own backyard

    The realization that I had overlooked what was right in front of me has made me even more passionate about conservation than before. I’ve come to realize that conservation isn’t just important in the obvious areas; it’s important everywhere that we live, work and play.
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  • White-tailed deer, Waterton, Alberta (Photo by NCC)
    Get inspired with wildlife photography

    Some days it’s hard to feel inspired by nature, when you’re sitting in a downtown office building in urban Alberta, staring out a window across a concrete jungle broken only by the occasional tree-lined meridian.
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