Coyote Lake, UNSRB, AB (Photo by NCC)

Coyote Lake, UNSRB, AB (Photo by NCC)

Stories From the Field

  • Swift fox in southern Alberta (Photo by NCC)
    If you conserve it, they will come

    A den of swift foxes, a species once extinct in Canada, was discovered on a Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) conservation site in southeast Alberta in July.
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  • Steven Siffledeen learns about amphibian life cycles at Bunchberry Meadows CV event (Photo by NCC)
    First time for everything

    Steven Siffledeen has a passion for biology, so when his mother told him about an upcoming Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) event to survey amphibians at Bunchberry Meadows, he didn’t need a lot of encouragement to sign up.
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  • Remote camera for off-site watering systems (Photo by NCC)
    Remote monitoring off-site watering systems

    Solar-powered watering systems are becoming a popular tool for farmers and ranchers looking to help the environment while also improving their livestock operation.
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  • Cutting holes for shrubs at Gambling Lake (Photo by NCC)
    Bring back our bees: The Gambling Lake pollinator project

    While NCC has always protected and managed natural areas for the benefit of native species, in some locations we have decided to take it a step further and enhance them specifically for native pollinators.
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  • Waterton Park Front Landscape, Waterton Natural Area (Photo by NCC)
    Waterton Springs Campground update

    In early 2017 the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) announced that the Waterton Springs Campground would cease operations at the end of the season.
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  • Off-site watering system at the Brown property (Photo by Brent Calver)
    Keeping our wetlands healthy with off-site watering systems

    Off-site watering systems (OWS) are a responsible way of managing the wetlands and riparian areas that are found on landscapes that include domestic grazing.
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