Gullchucks Estuary, BC

Gullchucks Estuary, BC

Stories From the Field

  • Paddling to Swishwash Island Nature Sanctuary, BC (photo by NCC)
    Celebrating partnerships: Restoring Vancouver's Swishwash Island

    Conservation is key to protecting Canada’s plants and wildlife, and YVR’s partnership with the Nature Conservancy of Canada is striving to do just that.
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  • Peregrin falcon, BC (Photo by Stuart Clarke)
    A conservation comeback we can all rapture in

    After being designated an endangered species in the 1970s, the peregrine falcon has rebounded so much it is no longer considered a species at risk. At least for the most part.
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  • Western painted turtle suns itself in a wetland (Photo by NCC)
    A thirst for wetlands

    Transforming gravel parking lots from sterile expanses into thriving, nature-filled landscapes is becoming something of a habit for the Nature Conservancy of Canada in British Columbia.
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  • BCIT students inspect a sample from Centre Creek (Photo by NCC)
    One Fish, Two Fish

    In November, we rallied a group of students, Conservation Volunteers, salmon experts and consultants to help us find out what creatures make their home in Centre Creek in Surrey, BC.
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  • Spider Island RCAF camp (Photo courtesy Archives Canada)
    Conservation and military history mingle on Spider Island

    In addition to its natural features, and its importance as part of the traditional territory of the Heiltsuk Nation, Spider Island also carries with it a unique history as a former World War II radar station.
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  • A prescribed burn in 2010 (Photo by NCC)
    Reflecting on the BC wildfires of 2017

    This summer we have been witness to the terrible power of wildfires. Hillary Page, NCC's director of science and stewardship in BC, reflects on the challenging, and changing, nature of wildfires in BC.
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